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Life in the Netherlands through the eyes of Amsterdam’s most sarcastic expat.

7 reasons not to accept Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands

There are always 7 reasons… What a week it’s been in Dutch politics. Throughout the Netherlands people are revolting. No I’m not talking about wearing birkenstocks with three quarter length leggings, I’m referring to the number of demonstrations going on throughout the land against accepting asylum seekers. I wanted to …

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Dutch Stereotypes of Other Nationalities the Top Seven

Dutch stereotypes of other nationalities The Shallow Man recently made a video called Things Not to Say To Romanian Women in Amsterdam. The idea for this came from feedback I’d received from some Romanian expats in the Netherlands about their experiences here.       Since the publishing the video, I’ve …

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From Annoying Blogger to Amsterdam Vlogger

ripped jeans

From Blogger to Amsterdam Vlogger At the time of writing this, my blog has been around for two years. As I’ve stated before, the purpose of my blog, like the BBC is to inform, educate and to entertain. Some might add an additional purpose, which is to annoy, something I’ve certainly …

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Seven Reasons Why the Dutch Work Part Time

Seven reasons why the Dutch work part time After a long and weary journey, across deserts, through biting cold blizzards where the snow was whiter than a garden party in Het Gooi. The exhausted traveller climbed to the top of a mountain, where legend had it lived the wisest man in the …

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