Budget priced food tips in Amsterdam

The Shallow Man has been wrongly accused of being an Amsterdam elitist. As if the global financial crisis and ensuing recession has not affected the spending power of the Shallow Man just like everyone else. There are people laboring under the false impression that my culinary life revolves only around premium priced dining at Michelin Star establishments. This, I can assure you, is as far from the truth as Lady Gaga is from good taste, as One Direction from talent and Madonna from her creative peak.

The Shallow Man comes from a humble background, and has no problem, in between his usual relationship struggles in fine restaurants in Amsterdam, having a simply cooked budget priced meal at home or ordering food to be delivered to the Shallow Man palace-come-bachelor-pad.

For those of you who, like myself, sometimes prefer to spend a warm evening indoors in the company of a game console or (God forbid) with your partner, then here are some recommendations personally used by the Shallow Man. If, as a result of sharing these details, I end up having to wait longer for delivery, or my favorite recipe site becomes so busy that it takes longer to load, I will grin and bear it as the price of providing a valuable service to my Facebook followers. The things I do for my readers!

Being from the UK, one often has a craving for that finest of cuisine available on every corner of the British Isles – Indian. The best Indian home delivery place in Amsterdam, in my humble opinion is:

Mother India

They have a Dal Makhani that is to die for and their Lamb Jalfrezi is outstanding. Delivery is possible to most of Amsterdam. They are so good that my advice is that, if they are unable to deliver to your neighborhood, you should seriously consider moving. Food priced for even the smallest of budgets.

Grotere kaart weergeven

Thai Deum

If you live in the Pijp area of Amsterdam, the wonderful Thai Deum does carry out food. They have reasonably priced food that is authentic, tasty and addictive. I personally recommend the Pad Thai Deum. They are also open as a normal restaurant with good value, no- thrills food and service and budget priced food.

Grotere kaart weergeven


The Shallow Man is a lean mean running machine. My body is a temple, but occasionally, once in a very blue moon, I have a craving for Pizza. Rather than join the tasteless masses ordering Pizza’s allegedly created in a Deep Pan, or prepared in a hut and delivered by scooter riding sociopath’s that enjoy riding on pavements and overtaking cyclists at dangerous speeds, the Shallow Man walks to Ferdinand Bolstraat for the Best Pizza in Amsterdam, MangiAncora.

This delightful establishment has a genuine Pizza Oven and makes the tastiest Pizza this side of Italy. Budget priced food heaven.


They don’t do delivery and are well worth a visit for a takeaway pizza.

My next recommendation may come as a shock to some of you, so please make sure that you are sitting down when you read the next item. The Shallow Man is a fan of home cooking! Yes, I have been known to follow a recipe and eat a freshly cooked home- made meal. For the sake of transparency, Irina, who is my occasional Russian friend with benefits, has asked me to add that she tends to use the web site while I look on, get in her way and generally delay the cooking process rather than enhance it. Nevertheless I can wholeheartedly recommend the following site:

Not only Cooking.com


Their Grilled Salmon with Fennel recipe is a personal favorite, which even a man with my limited cooking abilities can follow and quickly prepare while playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Healthy and quick to prepare

The Asian drumsticks are also a pleasure.

budget priced food tips

The establishments and website listed above save the Shallow Man plenty of time and money, thus enabling him to focus on what’s important, such as quality time on the PlayStation.

Until next time, in the words of that old Eagles song, take it easy.