Where to Take Women During Different Stages of a Relationship in Amsterdam

I stand accused, condemned, implicated and criticised by one of the fair and pleasant readers of my blog of ignoring the dating needs of where to take women in Amsterdam who drink beer but don’t smoke. So firstly the shallow man kneels and pleads forgiveness for what I assure you all was a simple mistake.


Where to take women in Amsterdam on a first date who drink beer

Naturally, the shallow man has never actually taken a beer drinker on a date, however, being a slave to the needs of his readers, I contacted a less choosy friend of mine to ask for some recommendations and here is what Richard, my erstwhile partner in infamy, has come up with.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gambrinus/197215086968397A jolly little local Dutch eetcafe in the Pijp area of Amsterdam. Good food, great value for money and a Gezellig atmosphere. A quote from Richard “After a meal and some beer at this place, her underwear will drop quicker than Facebook’s share price post IPO.” A better recommendation I cannot provide.

Grotere kaart weergeven

The Shallow Man can personally recommend this wonderful place in the Pijp. Indeed, he has been known to spend an evening or two mixing with the general public at this always vibrant, and good value eatery and bar. Great menu, good food, fun Dutch crowd. Upon hearing English spoken you might be accosted by a smoking, loud Dutch woman that will ask “How comes you don’t speak Dutch?”, simply respond, “Hou op, je domme meisje.” That should get the conversation going.

Where to take women in Amsterdam you really want to impress

The perfectly styled and groomed shallow man usually impresses women simply by existing. However, once in a while that rare woman comes along who I must possess, impress and caress. If you experience the same burning desire then these are the places you should take the date of the moment.

Where to take women that you really want to impress


I’m not a religious man, at least not anymore, yet every time I enter the Dylan Hotel I have the urge to get down on my hands and knees and thank the Lord for allowing me to be fortunate enough to be able to eat at Vinkeles.

When you enter Vinkeles you are in an old-world mansion with Asian inspired decor. I’m usually welcomed by Casper Westerveld the genial and attentive manager of the restaurant. The tables have a generous amount of space between them so that people on neighbouring tables won’t be able to hear you wooing the woman/man of the moment.

Vinkeles serves heavenly food. I would always recommend taking the Chef’s menu which is a culinary pleasure, with textures and layers and colours all in perfect harmony. It’s like Boys to Men on a plate. Whatever you do, ensure that you take the wine arrangement, which is skillfully and lovingly put together by Gosse Hollander an outstanding sommelier, who manages to be knowledgeable, informative, but never distant, irritating or snooty.

The Shallow Man guarantees that if you take a date here for the first time that all barriers will drop and you’ll be visiting the ladies boudoir soon after the meal.


Where to take women in Amsterdam that you want to marry

Samhoud & Places

To do this place justice would require a dedicated blog post. One of the best restaurants in the Netherlands at the moment. A word of warning to all the gentlemen out there. Be very careful at which stage in the relationship you take a woman to this place. If you take her here on a first date, then it will be very difficult to continue to impress her afterwards. If you’re in the mid-relationship tedium phase, be careful that she doesn’t think that you’re about to propose to her, that’s how impressive this place is. Like the power of a Jedi Knight, this place needs to be used very carefully.
It has two Michelin stars, service of the highest order and original and incredible food. Say no more.

In part 3 of this ongoing series, I will discuss places to take women with whom you wish to end the relationship. Until then, as the Dutch would say, “Hou je snavel.”

Where to women in Amsterdam for dates