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The Sad Tale Of The Radicalization of Ijburg According to PVV Voter Xandra Lammers

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Xandra Lammers and the radicalization of Ijburg

My dear readers, before going any further with this post please have some tissues handy. You’re going to need them as I tell the sad tale of Xandra Lammers, a former labor party voter who now supports the PVV, the party of Geert Wilders.

I came upon her tale of woe in an article published on Bloomberg, that was helpfully called ‘why the Dutch turned against immigrants.’ Now some might say that Bloomberg should have known better, but who I am I to criticize the workings of that most revered of news agencies? So without any further delay, let me tell you the ballad of Xandra Lammers.

Alleen maar nette mensen (Only nice people)

Once upon a time, there was a hardworking Dutch lady called Xandra Lammers. She voted for the labor party and like most Dutch people considered herself to be lekker tolerant. House prices rose in Amsterdam and in 2005 she and her husband moved to Ijburg and all was well with the world. Ijburg was zo leuk! Full of nice people with blonde hair and blue eyes. The streets smelled of freshly deep fried bitterballen. There were blue suits, brown shoes, lots of denim and wet hair as far as the eyes could see. Everyone knew each other, het was gezellig!

Ijburg used to be such a family friendly place

White fright

Xandra Lammers, who up until then was as happy in Ijburg as a Dutch girl in a sneaker shop, was appalled to discover that thirty percent of the homes in Ijburg had actually been reserved for social housing. Suddenly there were brown and black faces moving into the area. Amsterdam city council hadn’t told her about this before she bought her property, how dare they?

Dating a Dutchman was a bit of a shock for the expat lady
‘Why didn’t anyone tell me that non-whites were moving here?’


Ik ben geen racist maar!/I’m not racist but…

Her objection to the ‘newcomers’ had absolutely nothing to do with racism. She didn’t want to be part of a social experiment whereby minorities are housed in the same living space as native Dutch people. Which is a completely reasonable expectation in a city like Amsterdam which is home to 180 nationalities.

You say Mosque I say nest of terrorists!

Integration was forced on Xandra Lammers, which is something she didn’t want. Suddenly there were minorities living in the same housing complex. The smell of bitterballen and stamppot was replaced with that of Börek and Beef Kefta Tagine, oh how she suffered. To make matters worse, a Mosque opened in her street! It was a radical Mosque. Even though she never actually visited the place, she just knew it was a radical one, she read about it on Facebook. Strangely enough, that same Mosque still remains open today.

xander lammers objects to Turkish food
Xandra Lammers objects to the smell of Turkish food

That was when she decided enough was enough and began voting for the PVV. Geert Wilders has promised that if elected he will close down all Mosques in the Netherlands. Some might say that this goes against the Dutch constitution which guarantees freedom of religion, but hey, I’m only a foreigner, what do I know about it?

His Kampf


Xandra Lammers Belgian TV interview

Twelve years later, she’s still living in Ijburg, in spite of it being (according to her) a hotbed of Islamic radicalization. She claims that she’d like to move but can’t afford to, which is a little strange considering how house prices have risen so much in recent years. A cynic might say that she remains living there as she enjoys the attention she receives from the media, but I personally don’t believe that to be the case.

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family counting money to give to Xandra Lammers
Do you think this is enough money to make Xandra Lammers leave Ijburg?

Alternative facts for the camera

A film crew from a Belgian TV show visited Ijburg and interviewed her. She pointed at a group of kids playing football and accused them of being responsible for causing break-ins and street robberies. When the interviewer pointed out that they’re just kids playing football, she backpedaled and blamed older kids. The children she pointed at just happened to be mainly non-white which of course was just a coincidence.

What I find incredible is that the faces of the kids are shown quite clearly in the documentary, which surely goes against Dutch privacy and child protection laws. I’d advise the parents of any of the kids that were filmed to take legal advice, it’s disgraceful that she uses children to justify her warped and prejudiced view of the world.

You can see the Belgian documentary featuring Xandra Lammers here

Is Ijburg an Islamic hell hole or middle-class suburbia?

The Shallow Man loves Ijburg. In fact, I’m moving there later this year. Obviously, I missed all the radicalized Islamic youth during my visits there so far. I simply don’t recognize the hell hole Islamic ghetto described by Xandra Lammers, nor do people I know who are actually living there. It’s a vibrant and friendly neighborhood and yes, there are people from different ethnic backgrounds living there. Boo hoo!

She’s right about one thing, though, there’s crime in Ijburg. The rest of the Netherlands is a crime free paradise where you can leave your doors open and not have to worry about having your deep fat fryer stolen, Ijburg, on the other hand, has crime, which she suspects is committed only by people with dark skin.

Auteursrecht: <a href='https://nl.123rf.com/profile_zafi123'>zafi123 / 123RF Stockfoto</a>
The Xander Lammers vision of Ijburg with a black man not obeying the law

Mrs. Lammers also has a blog about Ijburg, which she claims is uncensored. It’s full of stories about the ‘radical’ Mosque and the fact that the city council plan to house Asylum Seekers in Ijburg in the near future. She appears to live in a permanent state of agitation, which is to be expected of someone who associates every brown face she sees with crime and terrorism. I feel sorry for her as multiculturalism obviously offends her deeply. I do wonder why she doesn’t simply move to a whiter neighborhood. If the museum quarter of Amsterdam is too expensive for her why not simply move to Brabant, Het Gooi or Haarlem? All of which will fit her criteria of having alleen maar nette mensen.

No schoolkids were hurt (or filmed) during the writing of this post

Till next time ‘rot op naar Brabant!’



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