Dutch Innovation New Dating App for Sexual Consent

Who said that technology is killing romance? In a short space of time, we’ve gone from online dating sites, to apps where you can cut out most of the tedium associated with online dating and simply swipe right to choose the person whose profile photos with cats, dogs, dolphins and bears most appeals to your taste.  Technological innovation never stands still and now a Dutch firm has come up with a fabulous and romantic dating app.

If you can bear me, date me

The LegalFling app (a name that just screams romance) will allow its users to specify their sexual preferences and to match with people that share the same tastes. Even better, once you’ve matched with someone, you can request mutual sexual consent via the app. Not only that, it has a menu of items, not unlike a food delivery app, where instead of specifying allergies, you can list do’s and don’ts, so for example, no shouting out “LANG ZAL ZE LEVEN” or “CRUYFF SCORES AGAIN” during the climax of activities.

Using the app you can send fling requests to contacts via What’s App, Facebook Messenger or SMS. Wat leuk!

Below are some screenshots of how the app will work.


dating app screenshot

Best to disable notifications on lock screen when using this app

Is this a step in the right direction?

The app is currently under development and LegalThings the company behind the app are looking for funding for the project. The makers of the app also say that consent can be withdrawn at any time and that by using their app this leaves a legal paper trail that can be used in court cases. What do you think? Is this app a good idea? Join the discussion on Facebook.

No spontaneous singles were hurt during the writing of this post.