Last Minute Christmas Presents For Your Dutch Girlfriend

Sinterklaas is the most important holiday in the Netherlands, however, if you don’t bother getting Christmas presents for your Dutch girlfriend, you’ll be as popular as an anti-Zwarte Piet protester in Friesland. Doe het niet! Get your buttocks in gear and buy your Dutch girlfriend some presents. To help you on your way, here are some suggestions. No need to thank me!

The things I do for my readers!

1. Ankle socks

In spite of the blistering cold winter, sleet, rain or snow, nothing stops Dutch women leaving the house in sneakers and tiny little ankle socks. There’s no chance at all that she won’t be happy with these as a present.

Christmas present for your Dutch girlfriend

“How romantic! They’re just like the other 20 pairs I own”

2. Scarves

Tough as they are, nothing will melt the heart of your Dutch girlfriend more than by showing her that when she wears jeans (or white leggings) that are a little too short during the winter that she can still stay warm in her dangerously flat shoes with this handy little present.

ankle scarves

“Yes, he’s a kut expat, but he’s so considerate. What a nice gift”

3. Leopard print lingerie

Keep things exciting in the bedroom by choosing some lekker classy leopard print underwear. Get her these and you’ll soon be asking your huisarts to refer you to an ear specialist after she leaps on you and shouts “IK BEN ZO GEIL ALS BOTER”. (Without ham).

christmas present for a Dutch woman



4. Clone sneakers

Ok, if your relationship is at that stage where you’ve met oma, opa, papa and mama. Not only met them, but you’re now firmly a part of her family as you spend what seems to be every moment of your spare time with them, well then the following present is ideal to move things on to the next level. Forget about buying an engagement ring, this gift will express how much you adore your Dutch girlfriend and will show her that you’re here to stay. She’ll love them so much that she’ll be wearing them along with her best pair of ripped jeans at the wedding ceremony. Mooi!

vans sneakers old school

Sneakers of love, Vans


5. A session with a personal stylist

You’re probably too afraid of her to criticise the way she dresses. Well, a great way to weasel out of a confrontation is to give her a voucher for a session with a personal stylist. Easy like a Sunday morning! Ok, she might say the following to you.

Anouk: “hoi, mafkees! What’s wrong with the way I dress?”

You: “nothing at all my sweet plofkip, I just thought you’d enjoy the experience of seeing a personal stylist”

Anouk: “ok, but she’d better not suggest that I wear shoes with heels”

You: “god forbid!”

A session with a personal stylist will transform her appearance. It will be money well spent.

dutch woman in jeans



woman in jeans sneakers



No personal stylists were hurt during the writing of this post. Merry Christmas! Oh and before anyone accuses me of gender bias I’ve written a post about last-minute Christmas presents for Dutch men, so hou je bek!