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Learn all about life in Amsterdam from the point of view of a self-described sarcastic expat. Go beyond the usual cliches about the joys of cycling and consumption of raw herring and bitterballen. Obviously, no blog about this city can possibly not feature articles about cycling, however, here you’ll learn about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, and all about the kind of people one tends to come across on Amsterdam’s bike lanes.

In addition to features about cycling, learn about the common scams often pulled by taxi drivers, many of whom regard tourists and foreigners in general as being a kind of biological ATM, from which they can withdraw vast amounts of money by charging criminally high prices to the unaware.

In addition, my articles about Amsterdam also feature important local news such as Justin Bieber’s alleged plan to buy a penthouse in the center of town. Plus other useful information about life in Amsterdam

25 Insider Facts about Amsterdam

About Amsterdam, 25 Insider Facts! Recently, while browsing my feed on Stalkbook, a post popped up called 25 INSANE facts about Amsterdam. The information contained therein, was neither INSANE nor particularly accurate. I assume that it was written by excited tourists, after a joint or three in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, which as …

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More Almost Deadly Sins of Cyclists in Amsterdam

After telling his readers about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, the Shallow Man was summoned to meet the Mayor of Amsterdam, who told me, “Shallow Man, if you don’t like the way people cycle in Amsterdam, rot op naar Limburg. The laws of the road don’t apply to …

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The Seven Almost Deadly Sins of Amsterdam Cyclists

Amsterdam Cyclists, the Seven Almost Deadly Sins I’m not a religious man, although I have been known to get down on my hands and knees and thank God for Tinder. I’m certainly a sinner, something that I share with many in Amsterdam, which brings me to the subject of today’s …

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Seven dangerous things to do in Amsterdam

Recently the Shallow Man received an anonymous package, a headless teddy bear. I was puzzled why anyone would send me such a thing, when at the store where I opened the parcel, there was suddenly a blood curdling scream. I turned to see an hysterical looking woman, who shouted “you’ve upset the mamas …

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Airbnb in Amsterdam the pros and cons

The growth of Airbnb in Amsterdam hasn’t escaped the attention of the Shallow Man. The finer establishments of this city are full of people, who unusually for Amsterdam are happy flashing the cash they are making by renting out their spare rooms, apartments etc. In fact there are currently over …

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Guest Blog piece on Amsterdam Yuppies

rubber duck in Hong Kong

The Shallow Man,  recently wrote a piece on Amsterdam yuppies. My guest contributor, known as the Parisian in Singapore, who regularly visits the Netherlands and is planning to move here, has decided to share her own observations on that special breed, the Amsterdam yuppy. I’ll take a well earned break …

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Seven signs you’re an Amsterdam yuppie

Seven signs you’re an Amsterdam yuppie The Shallow Man recently read an opinion piece in the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool called de yup neemt Amsterdam over which claims that the city is being taken over by yuppies. Before we go any further let’s define what is meant by yuppie. I’m going to refer to Wikipedia, …

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Morning Gloryville Amsterdam

Joyce Mercedes DJ morning gloryville

Morning Gloryville Amsterdam In Amsterdam, the Shallow Man has experienced many firsts. It was here that I attended my first gay party attended a wine tasting course, visited a coffee shop that doesn’t sell coffee, and several other experiences that are not suitable for readers under the age of twenty-one. Another recent …

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The Amsterdam Casual sex guide

amsterdam casual sex

The Amsterdam Casual Sex Guide The sun has been shining in Amsterdam, everywhere I look I see what appears to be the new fashion trend here, micro hot pants, or as the Jamaicans call them ‘batty riders.’  Here’s a tip for my female readers. If you’re wearing a backless dress, …

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