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Learn all about life in Amsterdam from the point of view of a self-described sarcastic expat. Go beyond the usual cliches about the joys of cycling and consumption of raw herring and bitterballen. Obviously, no blog about this city can possibly not feature articles about cycling, however, here you’ll learn about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, and all about the kind of people one tends to come across on Amsterdam’s bike lanes.

In addition to features about cycling, learn about the common scams often pulled by taxi drivers, many of whom regard tourists and foreigners in general as being a kind of biological ATM, from which they can withdraw vast amounts of money by charging criminally high prices to the unaware.

In addition, my articles about Amsterdam also feature important local news such as Justin Bieber’s alleged plan to buy a penthouse in the center of town. Plus other useful information about life in Amsterdam

British tourists in Amsterdam

British tourists in Amsterdam The Shallow Man, that most elegant (and modest) example of fine British manhood rarely visits the two great pleinen in Amsterdam, named Rembrandt and Leidse. Yes, I have often frequented the Palladium, but that is purely for my continuing research for my PhD on the mating …

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Amsterdam the Most Bike Friendly City in the World

Amsterdam bike friendly city Hello dear reader at the time of writing this post, it’s Monda,y March the 10th and the weather in Amsterdam is beautiful. The sun has been shining now for three days in a row and the effect this has on Amsterdammers is incredible. People who are …

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Dutch women and smoking

Dutch women smoking This week, the shallow man has had the flu. Being a typical if not exceptionally well dressed (and modest) man, I’ve spent most of the week in my bachelor paradise, whining and complaining about how ill I am. On Tuesday, I popped into one of my favourite …

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Amsterdam Taxi’s in revolt

  In the past,  the Shallow Man has found Taxi’s in Amsterdam to be truly revolting, driven by rude and obnoxious drivers with little knowledge of the city in which they were plying their services. To make matters worse, the meter in the taxi, appeared to be only there for …

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The Makelaar (Estate Agent) Blues

The Makelaar Blues OK, say it clear, say it loud I’m a Makelaar and I’m proud! It’s a great thing, yes a wonderful thing being a Makelaar. These times are difficult, we have a bad economy, and we are here to provide a valuable service to you Expats, not to …

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The Day of the Amsterdam Makelaar

An Amsterdam Makelaar Ok so I’m a Makelaar in Amsterdam, that’s a Dutch word, and I know that it’s a difficult language for you English speakers. I’m what you call a real estate agent. I am lucky, yes lucky enough to work for a well known Amsterdam Makelaar, in the …

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The Shallow Man guide to Amsterdam Zuid

Collagen lips almost as thick as Ziggo support staff

The Shallow Man guide to Amsterdam Zuid The Shallow Man recalls a great song that he loved during his salad days which talked about a place where membership was a smiling face and one could brush shoulders with the stars. I never found that place, but am still looking. I …

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The Shallow Man’s Guide to Amsterdam IJburg

The Shallow Man recalls a tale he was once told -the story of the richest man in the world, who was so wealthy he could afford to have his whims, fancies and heart’s desires fulfilled with a snap of his diamond-covered fingers. However, there was one thing that eluded him. …

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