It’s another Amsterdam Shallow Man podcast. Wat leuk! This time I focus on the following:

1. Update on the latest Coronavirus rules in the Netherlands

A brief update on the loosening of the Coronavirus rules in the Netherlands many of which have been ignored by the general public anyway.

2. Springtime in the Netherlands

How did people know it was springtime before the invention of Instagram? Thank God for all the lekker original influencers that go to great trouble and personal expense to visit the flower fields of the Netherlands and take and upload incredible images to social media of themselves in tulip fields.

3. The Many, many, mysteries of Dutch culture.

I answer critical questions asked by internationals such as:

  1. Why don’t Dutch people provide napkins at dinner?
  2. Why do Dutch women still have bare ankles even in minus five-degree weather?
  3. Why is there always a calendar on the toilet wall in Dutch homes full of critical dates such as Oma’s birthday?

4. The book of Dutch cuisine

I take a look at the incredibly interesting book that focuses on the underrated delights of Dutch cuisine.

No food critics were hurt during the recording of this podcast