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Zwarte Piet, also known as Black Pete keeps the tradition of black face alive in the Netherlands. Over ninety percent of the Dutch population want Zwarte Piet to remain exactly as he is, and an incredibly heated and polarised debate is currently taking place between supporters of Piet and those that would like his appearance to change. All of my posts related to Zwarte Piet can be found in this category.

The Sinterklaas Dutch Vocabulary Guide

Sinterklaas reading an Ipad

Sinterklaas Dutch Vocabulary Guide It’s the happiest time of the year as on Sunday, November 17th Sinterklaas will officially arrive in the Netherlands. Depending on where in the Netherlands you live, Sinterklaas will somewhat confusingly arrive on a boat from Spain with one of the following: A group of happy, …

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The Imaginary Black Friends Of Zwarte Piet Supporters

imaginary black friends man

Rant of the day! The imaginary black friends of Zwarte Piet supporters Once upon a time, there was a man named Piet, Zwarte Piet. He was loved by all kids throughout the Netherlands. Well, that’s not exactly 100% true because, in fact, the Dutch children’s ombudsman did some research which …

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Geert Wilders Call For A Ban of Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet is racist

Geert Wilders Admits That Zwarte Piet Is Racist In an interview that will shock many, Geert Wilders the founder, head and deputy head of the anti-Islamic party the PVV has admitted in an interview that Zwarte Piet is racist. His admission has left many of his followers in shock. Speaking in …

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Black is black and so is Zwarte Piet!

Why Zwarte Piet must remain black! As I write this, it’s November again. In the Netherlands, the annual pretending not to be black season is about to begin. I am of course referring to the annual Sinterklaas celebration and the most popular ethnic minority in the Netherlands, the Zwarte Piets. …

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