A Darkstore from fast delivery service Getir has to close permanently.

In Amsterdam, a judge has ordeed the closure of a darkstore location of Getir in de Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat in the Pijp.

The court ruling enforces the policy of gemeente Amsterdam that fast grocery delivery services such as Getir, Zapp and Gorillas are not allowed to operate darkstores in residential areas.

Residents living nearby darkstores complained to the gemeente about:

  • Constant noise from delivery trucks supplying the darkstores around the clock
  • Dangerous situations created by darkstore delivery riders blocking the pavement with cargo bikes
  • The general noise made by the delivery riders themselves

Getir fought the policy of the gemeente by claiming its location was a store rather than a distribution centre. This was rejected by the judge. Representatives of the gemeente visited the location and found that only a small part of the location was available for shoppers. Getir has been ordered to close the location by midnight on August 4.

Getir is the latest delivery service to appeal and lose in court against the gemeente

In April, the gemeente ruled that the darkstores of Gorillas, Getir and Zapp in the Pijp must close. As a result, Zapp announced they’re leaving the Dutch market completely. Gorillas closed their darkstore in the Pijp on June 24th.

Do you agree with closing darkstores in residential areas?

What’s your view about the gemeente Amsterdam policy? Are you a user of fast delivery services? Does the thought of waiting longer than 10 minutes for your essential supplies concern you?

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