Xenophobia and nimbyism have led to a two-tier Dutch refugee policy with women and children and the most vulnerable sleeping in the open air.

The Shocking Hypocrisy of Dutch Refugee Policy

If there’s one thing that the Shallow Man has learned during his years of living in the Netherlands is that the Dutch are never rude, just direct. This post will show how well I’ve integrated. As in this post, I intend to be as direct as the Dutch.

You know who

If I mention that Dutch refugee policy favours people from a certain Eastern European country fleeing the invasion and bombing from a neighbouring country, lots of self-righteous complaining takes place. The 11th Commandment appears to be, “Thou shalt not mention a certain country unless one has something glowingly, obsequiously positive to say. Ignore this commandment, and angry social media angels shalt strike thee down”.

I stand with you know who. I support them but had better not mention them by name. So being a fan of the Harry Potter books, I’ll mention them as you know who.

Ter Appel Aanmeldecentrum

All refugees (except you know who) must register as refugees at the AZC in Ter Appel.

Ter Appel The Dutch Asylum Seeker Center Problems: The Effect

Firstly, let’s talk about cause and effect.

We’ll begin with effect.

Open Air Luxury in Ter Apel by amsterdamshallowman

Due to overcrowding, up to 700 people slept on the ground outside the Ter Apel Asylum Seeker Registration Center a night. (AZC).

But Shallow Man, this is the Netherlands. Why on earth were so many people sleeping in the open air in such a wealthy country?

That, dear kut expat, international or immigrant, is the million euros question. I’ll try to answer it by pointing out some of the following:

  • There were asylum accommodation facilities throughout the Netherlands, but the government cut the funding a few years ago, and they were closed down
  • The situation in Ter Apel has been worsening for quite some time, but the government ignored warnings and sat on their hands

The Other Main Cause: Nimbyism of Dutch gemeenten

Nimby, Not in my backyard. The Dutch gemeenten/councils, who usually have difficulty agreeing on most things, found that the idea of taking asylum seekers for Ter Apel was a good thing, but not in their backyards. (Nimby).

So you could have blown me down with the wind raised by the flared trousers of a Dutch girl as she passes me at high speed on a Van Moof, when all of the gemeenten magically found emergency accommodation for you know who.

Dutch Refugee Policy: Just a coincidence

That most of you know who happened to be white and most Ter Apel refugees were not was purely coincidental. It had absolutely nothing to do with how the Ter Apel asylum seekers were treated. It was about geographic location, shared values, language etc. I’ve often heard the language of you know who spoken by Dutch people at my local FEBO, on the tram, and at parties. Natuurlijk. That Dutch refugee policy could be based on something like the colour of skin or race would, of course, be ridiculous. In Nederland, PEOPLE ARE MUCH MORE TOLERANT THAN THE COUNTRY YOU COME FROM AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE…. etc.

After many endless discussions, the COA, Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, decided to take matters into their own hands. To relieve the overcrowding at Ter Apel, they bought a hotel they intended to use as temporary accommodation for asylum seekers.

The locals were overjoyed and full of the teachings of Christ.

300 asylum seekers of colour. Coming soon in Albergen, rape, muggings and terror!

Surprisingly, there has been a fire at the hotel, which is being investigated as arson.


Doctors Without Borders For the First Time in the Netherlands

The situation has gotten so out of hand at Ter Apel that for the first time, Doctors Without Borders are present in the Netherlands at the location to provide medical attention to the refugees. They were reportedly shocked at the poor hygiene and lack of basic facilities.

Are All Asylum Seekers in the Netherands Genuine?

A common claim on Dutch language social media is that ‘you know who‘ are real refugees and the rest are gelukzoekers. (Fortune hunters). Yes, there is a problem caused by people from so-called ‘safe countries’ places designated by the IND as being without conflict, thus refugees from such places have no chance of an approved asylum application.

However, the decision not to have enough temporary accomodation for asylum seekers is a political one. Ultimately, many people in this country do not want (non-white) asylum seekers living nearby. The political parties on the right of the spectrum, the VVD, the CDA, the PVV and the FvD are aware that and of course don’t want to upset the bigoted nature of many of their voters.

All Refugees Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others

You’re a refugee from Africa? I think you are here to claim Dutch taxpayers money and get a free house ahead of Dutch people who have to wait 50 years for social housing
You’re a You Know Who?
Here take my bike, can you drive? Take my car. Are you bi? Take my wife!
Do you need somewhere to stay? Take my house!

It’s About White Privilege

I know that this post will upset some people. But this is about the total and obvious hypocrisy of Dutch government policies and the gemeenten who have done everything they can to facilitate, you know who, but have delayed and made excuses and even refused to allow Ter Apel refugees to stay in empty places they made available for you know who.

White privilege is real and the situation with how you know who are treated compared to all other refugees proves it.

I would love it if ALL refugees were treated the same. This is not victim blaming, but simply pointing out what is plainly obvious.

Dutch politicians see images like the one below and think “we’re going to lose votes if we allow non-whites to stay here even temporarily”.

Friendly tolerant Dutch village dwellers against a local Asylum Seeker Center

No hypocrites were hurt during the writing of this polemic.

Refugees in Nederland Do’s & Don’ts by amsterdamshallowman