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The Dutch are responsible for some of the most mind numbing and irritating reality TV shows ever made. Here are my reviews of some of the shows on Dutch TV.

Sexual equality alive and well in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has the highest levels of sexual equality in the world. I’m constantly told this by shouty Dutch women, and who am I, the rather annoying, but always impeccably dressed foreigner to disagree? I want to believe this, I really do and yet there is some evidence that contradicts …

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From Russia with anything but love

From Russia with anything but love The Shallow Man, the mature and aging, but always elegant fossil,  formerly of London now of Amsterdam, has been reflecting on how we are living in the age of convenience. I’m so advanced in years, that I can remember when accessing the Internet involved …

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More Adam zoekt Eva

Adam zoekt Eva The Shallow Man, provider of essential services to his ever growing band of followers, once sat through and wrote about an episode of Adam zoekt Eva. I won’t go as far as to say that I was traumatised by the experience, but almost. For those of you …

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Ik heb het nog nooit gedaan

A reality TV show about Dutch virgins While out jogging in the Amsterdamse Bos recently, I was doing my best not to fall over, as it had been raining and it was pretty slippery. I saw a sight that one rarely sees in Amsterdam, a nun. She was walking on …

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From Russia with love

From Russia with love If on a cold dark night, you trip over in the street and end up in the gutter, don’t worry about it, as you won’t be alone. There you’ll find the programming team of RTL 5, thinking up how they can make even more appalling, dumb, …

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Adam Zoekt Eva

One of the reasons I’m known as the Shallow Man is due to my habit of valuing looks over content. An example of this was my pursuit of a Dutch lady in Amsterdam, who in spite of the fact that she irritated the hell out of me, I continued due …

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Dutch TV at 1.30am


One of the most common forms of crime currently in the Netherlands is the so-called babbeltruc. This is a typical confidence trick whereby criminals con their way into peoples homes either asking if their child can use the toilet, or they call ahead and pretend to be from the thuiszorg. …

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The Shallow Man Guide to Utopia

The shallow man, healed from a nagging ankle injury sustained during the last Amsterdam Marathon, has finally recovered and is happy to be out running along the Amstel river again three to four times a week. Yesterday while on one such run, I narrowly avoided being hit by a cyclist …

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