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Life in the Netherlands through the eyes of Amsterdam’s most sarcastic expat.

Welcome to Holland – Dutch Hospitality

Dutch hospitality can be a shock

Dutch hospitality and Barbecue Protocol Dutch hospitality is quite rightfully famous throughout the world. In spite of students being invited to come to the Netherlands, only to discover that when they look for accommodation here, that many advertisements for rooms clearly state, “NO INTERNATIONALS” or “DUTCH GIRLS ONLY.” This doesn’t …

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Dutch Service The Seven Deadly Sins Of PostNL

Dutch Service The Seven Deadly Sins of PostNL A man attends a job interview as a postman. Interviewer. “So what if you arrived at the home of a recipient with an expensive package, for example, a brand new TV only to find that they weren’t at home? What would you do?” …

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One In Eight Dutch Drivers Text While Driving

Dutch drivers text while driving

One In Eight Dutch Drivers Text While Driving What an incredible week it’s been for shocking news. Firstly, the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) published a report that one in eight Dutch drivers text behind the wheel. But that was nothing compared to the other amazing story that King Willem-Alexander …

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Tips on working with the British and the Dutch

British work life balance

Essential tips on working with the British and the Dutch I recently received a message from a reader who is moving to the UK for work. “Shallow Man, I’m about to move to the UK, and would appreciate any tips you have on working with the British”. The Shallow Man, always keen to …

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Recommended Sites and Services For Expats

Recommended Sites For Expats in the Netherlands I’ve put together this list of recommended sites for expats in the Netherlands as I’m often asked to recommend good sites for expats. So below in no particular order is a selection of the sites I myself visit on a regular basis. This …

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