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Life in the Netherlands through the eyes of Amsterdam’s most sarcastic expat.

My First Week in the Netherlands

first week in the Netherlands surprise hagelslag

My first week in the Netherlands Today we have another post from Polish expat Maja who has already written about her experiences with Dutch healthcare and some of the patronising things Dutch men often say to Polish women. In today’s post, she writes about her first week living in the …

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The Easiest Way to Find A Good Cleaner

The Challenges of finding a good cleaner Let’s face it, cleaners are often (but not always) a bit of a disappointment. In fact, an expat friend of mine described having a cleaner as being like going to a lady in the Red Light District and having to finish yourself off …

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Dutch Etiquette Tips The Oma Survival Guide

Dutch etiquette Oma with apple tart

Dutch Etiquette: Surviving Oma The Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook group is home to lots of entertaining tales from expats about their interactions with our fiscally conservative hosts. One such post about an expat dealing with Dutch etiquette issues when visiting her kid’s oma (Grandmother) caused quite a discussion. With permission …

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Dutch Culture the Joy of Tikkie

the joy of tikkie requests shocked woman

The Joy of Tikkie Anouk was convinced that Jeroen was having an affair. He was checking his phone far more than usual. Last thing at night before bed, during and after sex and even while having dinner at six pm!  She was just planning to confront him about this when …

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The Experiences of a Shallow Dutchman

man cleaning kitchenfloor

An email from a shallow Dutchman Disclaimer! The following post might/will annoy and offend some people. It’s from a Shallow Dutchman who has some rather controversial views. Don’t shoot the exceptionally well-dressed messenger!   Dear Shallow Man, I was lucky to be born in one of the richest countries in …

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Spot the Summer in the Netherlands

socks and sandals worn during summer in the Netherlands

How to tell that it’s summer in the Netherlands What a time to be alive! The big bright ball in the sky seems to be back for about an hour a day (and two on weekends, if we’re lucky). It means that soon enough, the summer season will hit The …

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