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Life in the Netherlands through the eyes of Amsterdam’s most sarcastic expat.

Dutch Culture the Joy of Tikkie

the joy of tikkie requests shocked woman

The Joy of Tikkie Anouk was convinced that Jeroen was having an affair. He was checking his phone far more than usual. Last thing at night before bed, during and after sex and even while having dinner at six pm!  She was just planning to confront him about this when …

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The Experiences of a Shallow Dutchman

man cleaning kitchenfloor

An email from a shallow Dutchman Disclaimer! The following post might/will annoy and offend some people. It’s from a Shallow Dutchman who has some rather controversial views. Don’t shoot the exceptionally well-dressed messenger!   Dear Shallow Man, I was lucky to be born in one of the richest countries in …

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Spot the Summer in the Netherlands

socks and sandals worn during summer in the Netherlands

How to tell that it’s summer in the Netherlands What a time to be alive! The big bright ball in the sky seems to be back for about an hour a day (and two on weekends, if we’re lucky). It means that soon enough, the summer season will hit The …

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Food Delivery Scooter Riders Have The Most Accidents

scooter delivery rider accident

Food Delivery Scooter Riders Have the Most Accidents I hope you’re sitting down while reading this. In earth shattering news today, Velig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) have reported that food delivery scooter riders have six times as many accidents as other scooter and moped riders. I recall the first time I …

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The Dutch Fireworks and Firenadoes

Dutch cavemen carrying fire

Firenadoes, Fires, Death and Destruction a typical Dutch New Year’s Eve A little-known fact about the Netherlands is that their cave-dwelling ancestors first discovered fire on New Year’s Eve. No sooner had they done so they were running around looking for things to burn to the ground. Centuries later and …

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