Duindorp burning

In case you’ve never heard of Duindorp, it’s a new town in the Hague. It’s full of social housing that was built for the families of fishermen in the 1930s. It’s known as a ‘witte enclave’ where the only black residents tend to be of a ‘been down a chimney and now have an afro and bright red lips‘ type.  Geert Wilders PVV tend to do very well in local elections there.

Duindorp burning would make a great title for a movie about recent events there. A comedy movie.

What’s going on in Duindorp?

Well, usually not much happens there apart from terrorising any non-white business owners. However, this year things have taken an even nastier turn. You may recall that on New Year’s Eve 2018 that the town Scheveningen almost burned down. This was due to a much loved ‘traditie’ where Duindorp and Scheveningen have a competition to see who can build the largest bonfire. Last year the bonfire built on Scheveningen beach was so high that when the wind blew cinders spread throughout the town and started multiple fires and firenadoes. Spannend!


Who needs bureaucrats?

As a result of almost burning down Scheveningen, the Hague city council has brought in tough new safety regulations which anyone wanting to start a bonfire will have to follow. Well, this has sent the residents of Duindorp into an orange rage. They’ve rioted for three nights in a row because as far as they’re concerned the council is taking away their traditie! The Duindorpers are particularly proud of one their people who was arrested carrying a molotov cocktail. A nine-year-old boy. His family are so proud of him.


angry child

A future PostNL customer service agent and Duindorper



Who cares about safety?

Safety is seriously overrated. If Scheveningen had burnt down the council would have built something else there. What’s the problem? The right to start firenadoes is just like the right for white folks to dress up in blackface. They’re both traditions and well if a few people get upset so what? In fact, 93% of all residents of Duindorp support the continued building of dangerous bonfires. So there!


I’ll leave the last words to a kut expat who for god knows what reason is living in Duindorp.  I’m sending him my thoughts and prayers.

No aggressive village folk were hurt during the writing of this post

“Duindorpers are revolting. They’re also rioting” 😉