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Five Things The Dutch Can Learn From The British

Things the Dutch can learn from the British

5 things the Dutch can learn from the British Sometimes, life can be like an Albert Heijn Allerhande Box, disappointing. That rather ambiguous opening statement has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post. The Dutch Review recently published an article called “5 personality traits that the Brits should learn from …

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The Mayor of Amsterdam’s Letter to all British Amsterdammers

Chlorine washed chicken

Letter from the Mayor of Amsterdam to all British Amsterdammers Below is a letter from Eberhard van der Laan the Mayor of Amsterdam to all British Amsterdammers. It’s nice to know that at least the Mayor actually cares about the eventual residential status of British people living in Amsterdam.  He’s …

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Soft Brexit vs. Hard Brexit A Guide For Foreigners

The Non-EU citizens guide to soft vs hard Brexit As a British citizen resident in the Netherlands, I’ve been following the Brexit negotiations closely. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, called a completely unnecessary general election believing that the British public would support her so called ‘hard Brexit’ approach. In …

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