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Learn all about life in Amsterdam from the point of view of a self-described sarcastic expat. Go beyond the usual cliches about the joys of cycling and consumption of raw herring and bitterballen. Obviously, no blog about this city can possibly not feature articles about cycling, however, here you’ll learn about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, and all about the kind of people one tends to come across on Amsterdam’s bike lanes.

In addition to features about cycling, learn about the common scams often pulled by taxi drivers, many of whom regard tourists and foreigners in general as being a kind of biological ATM, from which they can withdraw vast amounts of money by charging criminally high prices to the unaware.

In addition, my articles about Amsterdam also feature important local news such as Justin Bieber’s alleged plan to buy a penthouse in the center of town. Plus other useful information about life in Amsterdam

Are expats to blame for high rental prices in Amsterdam?

dominatrix illustration

Expats blamed for high rental prices and cost of living in Amsterdam While walking through the Ruysdaelkade, which is home to Amsterdam’s second largest red light district, I overheard a discussion between a Dutchman and a scantily clad bed bound entrepreneur. He asked her how much she charged for her …

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Living In Amsterdam Is Killing The Woman In Me

Living in Amsterdam makes the author feel invisible

One of my favorite expat bloggers is Andra Stefan author of Amsterdamming. She recently wrote an incredibly thought provoking piece which she’s kindly allowed me to repost here. Why living in Amsterdam is killing the woman in me Here is one of the very reasons I love living in Amsterdam. How could …

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Five Essential Tips For King’s Day In Amsterdam 2017

Essential Tips For King’s Day In Amsterdam 2017 The Dutch are incredibly individualistic, and wouldn’t dream of dressing alike, apart from when it’s time to celebrate the birthday of their King. (Willem-Alexander, not Elvis).     I know that many of my readers are old hands at King’s day, and …

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Seven Tips for Justin Bieber about life in Amsterdam

A Letter to Justin Bieber Dear Justin, The media is full of stories excitingly reporting that you’re moving to Amsterdam. With this in mind, even though I’m not a fan of your music, which in my opinion is an excellent alternative to laxatives. The Shallow Man has decided to help you by providing seven insider tips, …

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Five Common Scams of Amsterdam Taxi Drivers

amsterdam taxi

The common scams of Amsterdam taxi drivers One of nature’s greatest events is the great salmon run. Every year grizzly bear families in North America depend for their survival on the return of hundreds of millions of salmon from the Pacific Ocean to the mountain streams where they were born.   The …

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5 Reasons to Learn Salsa Dancing in Amsterdam

5 Reasons to learn Salsa Dancing The Shallow Man while making some ‘observations’ about a salsa dance routine I witnessed on one of the many dancing ‘talent’ shows, was challenged to go and try out a salsa dancing class. Many, many years ago I attended a couple of salsa dancing …

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Amsterdam Tourism the Solution

The Shallow Man loves Amsterdam like Dutch men love hairgel. I have more love for this beautiful city than Dutch women have for cigarettes. I have more passion for Amsterdam than Dutch people who say “if you don’t like Zwarte Piet rot op naar je eigen land.” My love for this …

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