Learn all about life in Amsterdam from the point of view of a self-described sarcastic expat. Go beyond the usual cliches about the joys of cycling and consumption of raw herring and bitterballen. Obviously, no blog about this city can possibly not feature articles about cycling, however, here you’ll learn about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, and all about the kind of people one tends to come across on Amsterdam’s bike lanes.

In addition to features about cycling, learn about the common scams often pulled by taxi drivers, many of whom regard tourists and foreigners in general as being a kind of biological ATM, from which they can withdraw vast amounts of money by charging criminally high prices to the unaware.

In addition, my articles about Amsterdam also feature important local news such as Justin Bieber’s alleged plan to buy a penthouse in the center of town. Plus other useful information about life in Amsterdam

How To Reduce the Number of Tourists Visiting Amsterdam

Force tourists to learn Dutch

Tourists visiting Amsterdam how to put them off visiting According to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). In 2017 there were over six million tourists visiting Amsterdam. This is of course dreadful. I mean the fact that tourists spent over 10 billion euros in 2017 throughout the Netherlands and …

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Amsterdam Newcomers from Haifa to the Dam

Today’s post is a guest blog piece from the fabulous Mims a newcomer to Amsterdam from Israel or as I like to call her a ‘lovepat‘. 😀 Over to Mims. Having been in a long-distance relationship for the past couple of years, I’ve had the unique pleasure of experiencing the …

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Why Can’t an Expat be an Amsterdammer?

Yes I'm a kut expat no I don't have the 30% ruling

“Why can’t I be an Amsterdammer?” – was the social media highlight showing my face with an ironic smile planted on it while I was thinking about the Socialist Party’s campaign targetting specifically expats and blaming them (us) for the rise in rental prices and housing shortages in Amsterdam. Anouk’s …

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