Following the recent update to the Dutch government’s lockdown rules, a spokesperson for the Mayor of Amsterdam has confirmed that all clubs and music venues in the Amsterdam-Amstelland region will remain closed until September 1st. The only exception to this will apply to venues who are able to enforce social distancing.

They dance alone

Can you even begin to imagine what clubs or a venue like the Paradiso would be like with social distancing enforced? It will be a case of

“Darling, I’ve had a really stressful day, I need some time alone. I’m going clubbing”.


Alternatives to social distancing proposed by clubs

The AOC, an organisation that represents 26 clubs and music venues in the Amsterdam region, including Jimmy Woo, Panama and the Paradiso proposed the following alternative to the 1.5 meter rule.

  • Only allow people in their 20s and 30s into clubs
  • Use thermal scanning or thermometers to check the temperature of clubbers
Could this be the new normal on the doors of music venues?

Social distancing in clubs is simply not possible

Obviously, having your temperature taken to get into a club would be ongezellig, but still better than trying to enforce social distancing. I mean seriously, how would that work in a nightclub? Should the owners put cages on the dancefloor 1.5 meters apart? Then only allow people to drink and dance in cages? Forcing clubs to remain closed until September 1st will bankrupt many venues. The AOC suggestion of temperature scanning and only allowing low-risk groups of people in their 20s and 30s is surely a better alternative. Yes, you might think that anyone wanting to go clubbing at the moment is a covidiot, but is it fair to simply allow clubs to go out of business. If there’s enough scientific evidence that supports an incredibly low infection rate amongst people under the age of 40, why not let them go clubbing?

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social distancing woman in club
The future of clubbing. “Isolation on the dance floor”

No clubbers were hurt during the writing of this post