Recently the site published a story about the results of research that a third of housing agencies in Amsterdam are prepared to discriminate against non-native Dutch people if requested by homeowners.


In other news, several other earth-shattering discoveries were made this week.

  • Water is in fact wet
  • Fire burns
  • Dutch women like wearing clothes with animal prints
  • Dutch men don’t know how to flirt
A scene from the movie ‘Don’t Tikkie Me Boy!”

A Dutch person responds to the results of the survey

The entire world knows that there’s no discrimination in the Netherlands. Therefore, even if the results of the survey are accurate, there must be a perfectly logical explanation for it. Foreigners must ‘uit de slachtofferrol stappen’. (Stop playing the victims). Remember that it takes two to discriminate. One to do the discrimination and the other to be discriminated against. Ja, dat klopt!

You know, in the good old days you could discriminate against people in the Netherlands and nobody cared. Why is it in the news all the time? None of the foreigners I know has EVER faced any form of discrimination. But even if they had, it would be their fault. Stop choosing to be offended and focusing on the negatives. Think about all the wonderful things that foreigners gain by living here.

  • Dutch food
  • Flat open spaces
  • Cycling
  • EDM
  • Coffee Shops
  • A multicultural open and tolerant society. (Friesland, Wassenaar and Het Gooi are obviously excluded from that description).

There are so many opportunities in the Netherlands. Ok, to be fair, if you’re not native Dutch, perhaps due to your own fault you might not have access to all of them, but stop complaining! Wake up and smell the stroopwafels!

Het is all goed man.

No native Dutch people were hurt during the writing of this post