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Guest blog posts from the lovely Chantalle

It started with a kiss

Sofia Valentine

The Shallow Man was stunned to read that Scott Esk, a Republican Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma, openly advocates the stoning of homosexuals, apparently, this is somewhere in the bible, which in his mind is justification enough.  It’s 2014 and someone running for public office in the United States is happy …

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High heels

Living in the Netherlands, the country of “doe maar effe normaal” it’s pretty unusual to see women wearing heels, something that in France, Italy and the UK is pretty normal. There are exceptions of course, one of them being Chantalle Laurent, who I’ve invited to write a guest blog piece …

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Things not to say to a gay lady In Amsterdam

things not to say to a gay lady in Amsterdam

Chantalle Laurent things not to say to a gay lady Life is full of puzzling ironies. The continued popularity of the Kardashians. Why is the Voice still on television? Or how is it possible that a notorious Amsterdam gangster was able to run around the city without being followed by …

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Guest blog post from Chantalle host of FTF

The Shallow Man, while having narrow views on what constitutes being well dressed, and good places to eat in Amsterdam, is incredibly open minded when it comes to affairs of the heart. I recently reported my attendance at my first ever gay party, FTF. I had such a good time …

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