The Shallow Man was stunned to read that Scott Esk, a Republican Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma, openly advocates the stoning of homosexuals, apparently, this is somewhere in the bible, which in his mind is justification enough.  It’s 2014 and someone running for public office in the United States is happy displaying such appalling bigotry. I was also saddened to read that in Amsterdam on Saturday night, a gay couple were violently assaulted.

What is it that breeds such hatred?  Having been around for a decade or four, I can tell you that the people I’ve met over the years who’ve displayed an irrational hatred of gays are often overcompensating and were probably struggling against their own deep-seated homosexual tendencies.  People that spout blatant anti-gay nonsense should be forced to attend the party I went to recently, the Kiss Bang Affair at Club Abe in Amsterdam. I cannot believe that people who wish for gays to be stoned to death would hold onto such a view if they actually socialised with some.

The Kiss bang affair

There was an old song by Wham that said: “Let me take you to a place where memberships a smiling face” I was reminded of this when hanging out in the cocktail lounge area of Club Abe. After a black Russian (the cocktail, not a person of colour) which had way too much coffee, the Shallow Man entered the main dance floor area of the club. The DJ, Sofia Valentine was playing some great music and the crowd was partying as if it was nineteen ninety-nine. It was a Tea Party members worst nightmare. People of many different colours, backgrounds and sexual orientation, dancing, laughing and kissing. Fabulous!

A fun crowd, life is so short live and let live!

A fun crowd, life is so short live and let live!


The event

As well as great music, a glorious crowd and an atmosphere that was more buzzing than a thousand honey bees, there were also some performances by an incredibly athletic and flexible circus duo. It hurt my old bones just to watch them perform. Club Abe, the venue for the party is a club that would be slightly above average in most major cities in the world, but by Amsterdam standards is probably one of the best clubs in the city.

Pilates kiss bang affair style

I must get back to Pilates

Chantalle Laurent

What an uplifting evening, Chantalle and Styn, hosts of the event

Sofia Valentine

The DJ, Sofia Valentine (on the left)

I challenge Scott Esk

To spend a night at the Kiss Bang Affair party and tell me afterwards that he’d still like to advocate the stoning of people to death simply because they choose to love someone of the same sex. I’d much sooner hang out with a group of people that are not ashamed or afraid to be who they are, rather than be with some uptight, repressed fanatics, whose views of the world are tainted by a series of books written thousands of years ago. It’s 2014, the world has moved on, in the words of that old song “join the caravan of love.”

No bible bashing, stone-throwing members of the American Taliban were hurt during the writing of this post.