A good friend of the Shallow Man is the glamorous Chantalle Laurent, event organiser and party hostess, photo and videographer and model. I’m always happy to have guests writing articles for my blog. Thus giving the Shallow Man more time to go shopping, running and dating. Her last piece for my blog was more popular than a pair Ugg boots at a Dutch bachelorette party, so I’ve invited her to tell us about a day in her busy life.


A day in the life of Chantalle

Huh, what day is it today? Where I once woke up each day at the same time to go to the same place, today, every day is different, a new adventure! Today I’m gonna model for the campaign of a brand new club night. This time I won’t be behind the camera but in front. To be honest, I like it just  as much. No surprise for some of my faithful followers who are seeing me flashing by their newsfeeds on a daily basis.

I almost forgot that I can walk out the door naked. Well naked, as in no make up. Feels pretty naked to me. I’m ready to jump in the car to pick up Styn, my partner in crime on this new mission: The Kiss Bang Affair.

Bonnie & Clyde

“So where are we going baby?” Looks like we’re moving or disappear for a loooong time: the car is packed to the rafters. Ow yes my dear, please make another stupid joke that makes me laugh so hard we just miss the exit. We have big fun, that’s a fact. The lovely photographer Carin Verbruggen & Ferry are waiting for us at the studio with a warm welcome breakfast. I immediately feel at home.

I don’t pose yet it’s just my ‘good morning-no filter face’ trying it’s best to look awake. But there she comes: my hero, my everything, who knows exactly how to transform me into a stunning, shiny look! Well, 6 looks to go…! Good luck Christel, makeup and hair artist.

Show time baby!

Starting off natural: same hair, same style, same boxer shorts, while mine needs a sock to make it at least look a proper d***. “There you go my twinboy!”. I feel like a football player trying to save my balls. Whether Styn is distracting me with his practical jokes or making me feel relaxed, it works. In the final shot the feminine, masculine and androgynous meets each other. “We become one”!




Dreams of a supermodel

Now it’s time to take our modeling skills to the next level. I am a total pussy when it’s comes to heights so kind of shaking in my high heel shoes about the next pose. Even though I might be as light as a feather I do worry if Styn’s gonna hold me when I’m crawling into his neck like a furry collar. Tummy tight and look if it’s the easiest job in the world. But how? Simply get rid of that work-out face and show them all you got! That’s my man, not one single movement, grounded as a tree. And his face yet looking so cool, I’m proud of him! Carin’s timing captures again the perfect shot. See, “Anything for the right picture”!

Meanwhile Christel prepares the next look. I remember at school, back in the eighties, it was a competition to she who had the highest hair. At this moment I could proudly say: “I won.” Got my hair up, real big beauty queen style.  Am I on the filmset of Dynasty?… “Chantalle move your sexy ass over here for the next pose!” “Yes, I’m coming my dear!”

Queen of the selfies

How big can you get that hair?


Chantalle Laurent

Selfie Time! Chantalle wearing the sexy ‘Pretty Wild Lingerie’ / Christel & Chantalle having fun


Absolute Laurent

Now you must know I’m a huge lover of lace and leather, preferably in my favorite ‘colour’: black. So any of those pieces can’t miss out in my styling today. It’s time to undress… We are halfway and to the point where less is more. Of course in style. Wearing the most luxurious lingerie makes me feel sexy and fierce: Absolute Laurent. This beautiful lace perfectly fits my soft skin. A true must for all the ladies who want to feel and experience the same way as I feel right now, and a caution to their lovers who might have a heart attack. Either way, I’m sure it will spice up your life.

Make up, check, hair check and go! Carin’s ready, simple instructions for the next 3 looks: “Do your thing, Wet your lips and make love to the camera!”

It’s a wrap!

After 12 hours of amazing teamwork and fun, it’s time to toast to a bunch of successful images that are going to represent: The Kiss Bang Affair.
Dear ladies and gays, beside my exclusive private FTF events on Sunday night in Amsterdam’s secret bar The Bu***er, I’m proud to announce another own gay/open minded party, which will take place the first Saturday of every month at club ABE.

Time to chill

Time to chill

Styn – well known for creating the most extraordinary events and festivals and are the perfect gay duo to host you this unforgettable experience!

Back in the car, all wrapped up, we smile at each other, it’s a wrap! I feel happy and fulfilled. We have just created exactly what we had in my mind! It’s Friday night, where are we going next? We are pretty exhausted but still having fun which leads us to make the same stupid mistake: missing the exit… Let’s just prepare for our next pose: The sleeping beauty!

Curious about the Kiss Bang Affair? Follow us on facebook for a  Sneak preview:

The kiss bang affair coming soon to Club Abe

The grand OPENING of Kiss Bang Affair: 3 May at Club ABE (Amstelstraat 30, Amsterdam)