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The Five Unwritten Rules of Dutch Society

The Netherlands symbols

What are the unwritten rules of Dutch society? A member of the Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook group asked the following question.     There were so many helpful responses that I’ve decided to pick the five most useful answers. The things I do for my readers! 1. Don’t use any …

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The Sinterklaas Dutch Vocabulary Guide

Sinterklaas reading an Ipad

Sinterklaas Dutch Vocabulary Guide It’s the happiest time of the year as on Sunday, November 17th Sinterklaas will officially arrive in the Netherlands. Depending on where in the Netherlands you live, Sinterklaas will somewhat confusingly arrive on a boat from Spain with one of the following: A group of happy, …

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Dutch Etiquette Tips The Oma Survival Guide

Dutch etiquette Oma with apple tart

Dutch Etiquette: Surviving Oma The Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook group is home to lots of entertaining tales from expats about their interactions with our fiscally conservative hosts. One such post about an expat dealing with Dutch etiquette issues when visiting her kid’s oma (Grandmother) caused quite a discussion. With permission …

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The Great 30% Ruling Robbery

The 30% ruling tax benefit changed

The Great 30% Ruling Benefit Robbery Imagine the outcry if the Dutch government were to announce that from 2019 tax relief on mortgages would not only be significantly reduced but that the change will be retroactive for the previous three years. There would be an orange revolution! The Dutch wouldn’t stand …

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Scenes From The Dutch Schoolpleinpolitiek With Expats

Scenes From The Dutch Schoolpleinpolitiek An expat reader of mine who goes by the clever name of Sue Denim has been kind enough to provide her observations of the complex intercultural human interaction that takes place during the school run. The mysteries of the Dutch schoolpleinpolitiek are revealed in this …

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