Something the Brits and the Dutch have in common. Not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Being a Brit that’s lived in the greatest country IN THE WORLD for the past 16 years, I truly believed that the Brits and the Dutch had almost nothing in common. How wrong I was. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the Dutch and the Brits are far more alike than I previously believed.

Panic Buying

The panic buying of selfish egoists in both the UK and the Netherlands continues. In fact, Albert Heijn now has a notification for its online store that says it’s not possible to place an order for more than 250 euros. This is to deter the greedy gits busy with hamsteren. 

I find it amusing that on one hand, earlier this week everyone was out on their balconies cheering hospital workers. On the other hand, hospital workers are finding it difficult to buy food and essentials after working long shifts due to panic buying. Here’s an example of the effects of the greedy hoarding.

Ik weet alles over corona maarrrrr het is lekker weer vandaag

Who gives a damn about keeping a minimum of 1.5 meters distance when the sun is shining? Het is lekker weer hoor! On Saturday in the Netherlands, the trains to and from Zandvoort (home of one of the most popular beaches in that part of the country) were packed. This lead to the Dutch national train operator issuing the following tweet.

“The train is not an outing. Here and there the trains are really full. For the safety and health of fellow travellers and our colleagues, we ask you to only take the train if it’s really necessary”.

Meanwhile in the UK seaside towns were booming with visitors from across the country. Nice!

Markets remain busy

Amsterdam’s famous street market (as the tram announcements call it) was also super busy yesterday. There was no evidence of people keeping apart there or at other popular market places.

Why are the Dutch authorities not being direct?

The Dutch are famous or infamous for their directness. So why isn’t this being used by the government now to communicate to people how serious the coronavirus pandemic is?

Every person with a Dutch phone number received the following text message.

NL emergency alert coronavirus

Using Dutch directness they should have sent this instead.


In spite of not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, it’s used against Asians in NL

This was posted in the Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook group

racism against asian delivery driver


I’m sure that some people will say that the person above has chosen to be offended. But obviously this kind of coronavirus themed racism is unacceptable. I’d also suggest that when getting food delivered to give these guys a generous tip. Delivery drivers are risking their health, the least we can do is show some gratitude in these difficult times.

No idiot sunbathers were hurt during the writing of this post

it's only flu

It’s only flu. Now when’s the next train to Zandvoort?