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Property in the Netherlands

Millionaire Makelaar

empty contract

Millionaire Makelaar The current housing market in Amsterdam is great for property owners but a huge challenge for people looking to find affordable rental places to live. Of course, there are people who blame expats for this, but the reality is that it’s a jungle out there and as with …

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The Hut Amsterdam

The Hut Amsterdam smartphone app

The Hut Amsterdam Serviced apartments What came first the chicken or the egg? A similar conundrum can be asked about Amsterdam. What came first mass tourism or Airbnb? Regardless of the answer what’s clear is that the combination of more and more properties being turned into bed and breakfast places …

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An Interview with the Expat Makelaar

The Expat Makelaar actually listens to her customers

An Interview with the Expat Makelaar Tom Cruise, an unusual chap, who like the Shallow Man doesn’t appear to age, once starred in a movie called Interview with the Vampire.  Unfortunately, not frequenting places where goths tend to hang out, I was unable to secure an interview with a vampire. Instead, …

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How to Buy a Home in the Netherlands

How to buy a home in the Netherlands lots of tax benefits

How to buy a home in the Netherlands as an expat One evening, a frantic call was made to the Dutch emergency services number 112. Operator “Emergency services, are you calling for the Police, Ambulance, or Fire Brigade?” Caller: “I’m calling for the Fire Brigade” Once the caller had been …

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