We all know that Dutch women are a force to be recognised with. Here’s more proof of this. On Tuesday evening, like most Dutch people over the age of forty, a couple in Den Haag was watching the popular Dutch crime show Opsoring Verzocht. If you’ve never watched it, then you really haven’t integrated well into Dutch society. Like the app Buienradar, it’s just one of those things like sending Tikkies for less than a Euro and wearing ripped jeans in winter that’s part of everyday Dutch culture.

Opsoring Verzocht broadcasted a security video from an armed robbery of a Jewellery store in the Hague. A Dutch woman recognised her husband from the video. Faced with the choice of being at home with an angry Dutch woman or being arrested and facing time in prison, he chose the latter. A sensible choice.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, don’t mess with the leopard print warrior Dutch women. It’s really not worth it.

No armed robbers were hurt during the writing of this post.