Dating the Dutch and the use of Tikkie

Nothing says ‘romance’ more than receiving an unexpected Tikkie following a date or even the breakup of a relationship. In fact, it appears that using Tikkie, the smartphone app that allows the requesting of micropayments is so much a part of the Dutch dating scene that Tinder should buy it.

Here are some recent examples sent to me by readers of Tikkie usage after dates.

Breakup Tikkies

A tikkie request after a break up

Another breakup Tikkie


Tikkie about a breakup


First Date Tikkie

tikkie sent after first date

The first and last date

The no kissing Tikkie


coffee Tikkie


Het is Nederlandse kultuur

So for all the expat ladies going through this, don’t be shocked. It’s simply a manifestation of Dutch culture.

Movie poster about Tikkie


No shocked expat ladies were hurt during the making of this post.