Recommended Sites For Expats in the Netherlands

I’ve put together this list of recommended sites for expats in the Netherlands as I’m often asked to recommend good sites for expats. So below in no particular order is a selection of the sites I myself visit on a regular basis. This is not a complete list, and I’ll add to it as time goes by, but here are the ones that leap out at me like a pair of Uggs on a winters day.


Empower Consulting

If you’re an expat looking for coaching or career advice these guys are great. They’re all expats too and provide quality services.

International locals Amsterdam

A very useful site with listings for all kinds of businesses and events in Amsterdam



Style Me Green

This site is all about sustainable fashion and all the latest fashion trends in that area. Written by the super talented Victoria Onken, she also regularly models repurposed clothes and shows how to make a new look from old outfits.

Victoria Onken

The Yoga Therapy Institute

If you’ve thought about becoming a Yoga instructor then this is the place to go to get certified.


Expat Property

Zuska is a VBO certified real estate broker and is an expat dedicated to providing property rental and buying services for expats.



Like white sneakers worn by Dutch ladies in summer, this site is pretty hard to avoid, and why would you? The official site of the city of Amsterdam has not only vast amounts of municipal info, but also guides to museums, galleries, and the bustling bar and cafe scene in Amsterdam.


The first website I read when moving to the Netherlands. It’s still going strong and is full of useful info for expats.

Invading Holland

The very first blog I ever read when I moved here, and still as hilarious as seeing a group of identically dressed Dutch ladies at a bar. Invading Holland follows the adventures of an accident prone expat and his attempts at integrating into Dutch society. A fun read.

one of my recommended sites for expats in the Netherlands Invading Holland

One of my favourite sites for expats

The Dutch Review

Ok, I’m a little biased as I have contributed articles to this site in the past. Featuring articles mainly written by expats but also Dutch locals, the Dutch Review is always an interesting read.

How To Buy A House In the Netherlands

Local experts in the real estate, legal and property market get together for events for expats looking to buy a home in the Netherlands.