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Dutch Service: A Dutch Chef Strikes Back

Chef telling off staff member

Dutch Service a Dutch Chef Strikes Back! Dutch Service has been a running gag on the Shallow Man page for years. I’ve written posts and created MEMES about it and for good reason. Dutch service is often indifferent, incompetent and frustrating. However, after my latest MEME on the subject, a …

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Dutch Service The Seven Deadly Sins Of PostNL

Dutch Service The Seven Deadly Sins of PostNL A man attends a job interview as a postman. Interviewer. “So what if you arrived at the home of a recipient with an expensive package, for example, a brand new TV only to find that they weren’t at home? What would you do?” …

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Seven Tips on How to Survive Dutch Service

Collagen lips almost as thick as Ziggo support staff

How to Survive Dutch Service, Seven Essential Tips The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular is famous for its picturesque canals, beautiful (but badly dressed) women, international character and terrible, shocking, appallingly bad service, or as the Dutch call it ‘belabberde service’. With this in mind, the Shallow Man, staying true to …

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Dutch delivery men don’t do stairs

Here’s a trick question, I recently wasted quality time arguing with someone who I won’t name about who made the original of stairway to heaven. So who was it, Rolf Harris or Led Zeppelin?. I thought that everyone knew this but obviously not. This point has very little to do with …

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