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Dutch Phrase of the Day ‘Dat was niet de Bedoeling’

Two women having an argument

Dat was niet de bedoeling An incredibly handy Dutch phrase to know is ‘dat was niet de bedoeling’. This phrase is most commonly used in the Netherlands during the Sinterklaas season but can be heard all year round actually. Bedoeling noun: intention [noun] what a person plans or intends to do intent [noun] purpose; …

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Dutch Tolerance and the Xenophobia of University Students When Looking For Flatmates

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Xenophobia and ‘No Internationals’ In Apartment Ads xenophobia /zɛnəˈfəʊbɪə/ Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. “the resurgence of racism and xenophobia” synonyms: racism, racialism, racial hatred, ethnocentrism, ethnocentricity; nationalism, jingoism, isolationism; prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, bias; historicalapartheid; rarexenophoby “there must be no room for xenophobia in today’s Europe”   Casual Dutch Xenophobia ‘No Internationals!’ A number of …

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Five Things The Dutch Can Learn From The British

Things the Dutch can learn from the British

5 things the Dutch can learn from the British Sometimes, life can be like an Albert Heijn Allerhande Box, disappointing. That rather ambiguous opening statement has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post. The Dutch Review recently published an article called “5 personality traits that the Brits should learn from …

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