Geert Wilders, a far right politician in the Netherlands, has published the following on his social media.

Thank You!

I’d like to thank him for confirming once and for all that the traditional Zwarte Piet is a racist caricature of black people. It’s great that he’s taken the time to confirm this.

For years pro Zwarte Piet supporters have claimed some of the following.

Zwarte Piets are not black, IT’S SOOT!!!”

It’s a harmless traditie, people love Zwarte Piet”

Zwarte Piet is NOT blackface!”

Let’s not forget my personal favourite.

All the black people I know (all 2 of them) love and support the traditional Zwarte Piet”

Excuses that will be used to justify Geert Wilders MEME

The Zwarte Piet apologists will be out en masse to defend Geert Wilders Zwarte Piet Matters MEME. They’ll use some of the following weasel worded excuses.

“It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?”

“It’s OUR traditie, it’s under threat, we need to defend it”

“Why should we have to change our traditions to please a small group of guests?”

In the minds of Geert Wilders and his supporters, the rights of white people to black up is equivalent to people protesting against racism and police brutality. Natuuuuuuuuurlijk!

The killing of a black man by the police has provided a wonderful opportunity for the PVV to profile themselves as the party of protecting the rights of white people to don blackface. Goed zo! This November when people are making excuses to defend the traditional ZP, please remind them of how Geert Wilders obviously associates Zwarte Piet with black people. So it really always WAS about color.

No white people who have a sexual fetish for dressing up as black people were hurt during the writing of this post.