An extensive survey in the Netherlands revealed that 99% of Dutch people angrily using the term ‘woke’ have no clue what it actually means. Below I’ve published some of the answers from the survey respondents. (Translated from Dutch)

Liselotte F, Utrecht

“Because of woke, we’re no longer allowed to call Black Friday Black Friday. Well, I still call it Black Friday. I don’t care about being woke.”


“You still call it Black Friday, as well as Amazon,, Cool Blue, The Hema, De Bijenkorf. In fact, EVERYONE still calls it Black Friday.”

Liselotte F, Utrecht

“You see, you’re just representative of the mainstream media. You’re twisting the facts to suit your narrative. As I said, I’ll still call it Black Friday; go woke, go broke snowflake!

Henk B, Staphorst

“I hate woke! Because Rutte and those traitors in parliament in the Hague are so woke, Zwarte Piet can’t be black anymore. As the old song says, ‘black is black’. Woke means that black can’t be black unless it’s actually black. Being black is ok, but not if you’re black from the chimney, which is racism.”

Hannelore van Strakke Jurk

“After having seduced a man twenty years younger and carried him back to my apartment for a night of anaerobic, excessively loud neuken in de keuken, I was shocked when I asked him to talk dirty to me and call me names, but he refused and said, “I respect women too much to do that”. I shouted, “just my luck, that bar was full of hot young men with hair full of gel, and I have to pick a woke one. You can get out of my apartment and never come back once I’ve finished with you in the morning.”

Thierry de Hoogopgeleid

“‘As an intellectual pure-blooded Nederlander, when confronted with woke actions, policies and behaviour, I am reminded of the words of Julius Caesar. “Infamy, infamy, they all have it in for me.

Woke represents all the things I despise. BLM, racial and gender equality, uncontrolled immigration, hot pants, interracial marriage, gay marriage, pronouns, and being unable to use the term neger to describe black people. We are also not allowed to call Indonesians pindas and call Eastern Europeans gypsies or alcoholics. Freedom of speech, democracy and the right to be offensive to marginalised groups are all under threat due to wokism!”

Jeroen Bruinschoenen

“In the Netherlands, there was a very popular chocolate sweets brand called Negerkuss. They were delicious marshmallows covered in brown chocolate. Even though all of my friends are white, I can promise you that not a single black person was offended by negerkuss. But then Nederland became woke, and they changed its name. Well, my friends and I refuse to be woke and still call it negerkuss as long as no non-white people are around.

In fact, my ex-wife was in a shop and asked for a negerkuss. A black man came up and kissed her; after that, she never went back and now lives with him.”


The actual meaning of woke



UK  /wəʊk/ US  /woʊk/

awareespecially of social problems such as racism and inequality:

She urged young black people to stay woke.

disapproving He said that many of these so-called woke individuals never actually engage with the marginalized groups they claim to defend. More examples(Definition of woke from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

No freedom of speech warriors were hurt during the writing of this post.