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Dress Like A Dutch Girl 2018 Fashion Tips

Ripped jeans

How To Dress Like A Dutch Girl 2018 Fashion Tips Back in the distant past, in the days when Donald Trump was still just a reality TV star and leopard print hadn’t taken over the wardrobes of Dutch women like bacteria on the fish of an all you can eat …

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The 2017 Dutch Style Guide

dutch style leopard skin boots

The 2017 Dutch Style guide The Shallow Man recently attended an event thrown by one of the Netherlands top fashion guides, Style Today.   Over a million people visit that site, which is quite shocking, as I wouldn’t have thought that were so many people in the Netherlands interested in fashion. However, …

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Edgy Dutch Fashion Dressing to be Comfortable

Dressing to be comfortable There are many things that the Netherlands is famous for. Water management, cheese, XTC, cycling, the red light district, and of course tolerantie. These are all well and good, (with the exception of the tolerance part which is a bit of a myth if you ask me) …

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What to Wear in the Netherlands this Summer

what to wear in the Netherlands

What to wear this summer in the Netherlands The sun is shining in the Netherlands, and what a difference it makes to the mood of the general public. Even the Police, who when disproportionately stopping Moroccans, and Turkish people on the streets of Amsterdam, for the serious crime of being …

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The Walking Cursed the Story of Ripped Jeans in Amsterdam

ripped jeans

The Curse of Ripped Jeans There are times when the Shallow Man feels as if he’s the only person in Amsterdam that’s noticed the rise of the walking cursed. Zombies, staggering through daily life, always wearing ripped jeans. Those of you who have never read the Harry Potter books, (shame on you), …

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Dutch ladies white sneakers are NOT formal wear

sneakers with a wedding dress

White sneakers with dresses? I must be in Dutch fashion hell And so it came to pass, that while stopping to take a sneaky photograph of a lady wearing white leggings and Ugg boots, that the Shallow Man was hit, at high speed, by a Dutchman, who happened to be …

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How to Dress Just Like a Dutch Girl and Make Friends

The Shallow Man was recently approached by an expat lady, who in spite of having lived in Amsterdam for three years, still hadn’t made and Dutch female friends. Upon listening to her sad story it quickly became clear to me that the root of her problem was actually that she …

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