The Joy of Tailor Made Suits

Being 181cm tall, having a 28 inch waist and weighing 78 kilos I find it incredibly difficult to find ready to wear/off the peg suits that fit me properly. I often end up looking as if I’ve escaped from a prison camp or am wearing the suit of an older brother. For this reason I always invest in bespoke, tailor made suits.

A good tailor made suit should not only make you feel like a king, it should also cause others to get down on their knees and worship you. Look at made to measure suits as an investment. Not only do they tend to last longer than the ready to wear suits, they tend to be better quality and allow for lots of customizations for things such as suit lining, button, number of pockets, cloth etc. For the reasons above I haven’t purchased an off the shelf suit for years. The prices are reasonable considering that I’ve had custom made suits that are five years old and still look brand new. Give it a try.

Check out Pakkend in the Roelhof Hartplein and Oger in the PC Hooftstraat for outstanding made to measure suits.




A tailor made suit in progress