Church Shoes Pure Joy for Men

The choice of good mens shoes in the Netherlands is extremely limited. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for good shoes. I’ve tried some of the leading Dutch brands such as Van Bommel, and Van Lier, which are fine, but finally in the PC Hooftstraat came across the new Church shoes store which sell beautiful handmade shoes that are comfortable, well built, look good and unlike most of my relationships to date will last for years.

Love at first sight

I bought my first pair of shoes from Church in a men’s shoe store in Maastricht several months ago, the Grafton brogues shown below. They are reassuringly expensive, and feel like my feet are being massaged by naked supermodels, while playing the PlayStation. They have taken my feet to heaven and beyond. I also recently bought a pair of Church city line boots which are also incredibly comfortable and feel like i’m walking on the back of roman slaves on my way to an orgy. They are pricey but worth every penny.

Shoes don’t have to be brown

If you’re in business in the Netherlands, you probably own at least two pairs of pointy brown shoes. I’ve no idea why the craze for wearing brown shoes is ever present in the Netherlands. In reality, brown shoes should really be worn either with a suit that is brown, or with jeans and clothes suitable for walking in the countryside. One of the things I love about the Church Shoes line is that the majority of the classic shoes are indeed black. Remember that black shoes can be worn with just about every color of suit, whereas brown shoes cannot.  With brown shoes, follow this simple tip, when in doubt, leave them out.

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Church Shoes

Classic black shoes