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Seven Tips on How to Survive Dutch Service

Collagen lips almost as thick as Ziggo support staff

How to Survive Dutch Service, Seven Essential Tips The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular is famous for its picturesque canals, beautiful (but badly dressed) women, international character and terrible, shocking, appallingly bad service, or as the Dutch call it ‘belabberde service’. With this in mind, the Shallow Man, staying true to …

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How to Break up with Your Dutch Partner

Dutch phrase of the week: How to Break up with Your Dutch Partner, the correct Dutch phrases to use. Ik heb helaas slecht nieuws, yes it’s that time of the week I know you’ve been dreading, it’s Dutch phrase of the week. So last week you learned how to flirt …

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Seven Shades of Neuken

Dutch Phrase of the Week: The Seven Shades of Neuken The Shallow Man, in his never ending quest to teach expats all about life in the Netherlands, has been providing weekly posts about different aspects of the Dutch language. Previously we discussed the term Mierenneuker (someone that is annoyingly precise about everything) …

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Dutch Idioms (with animals)

Dutch idioms (the animal kingdom) It’s time again for Dutch phrase of the week. The Shallow Man in his mission to assist expats anyway he can with integrating into Dutch society examines different aspects of the Dutch language. This week we’ll focus on Dutch idioms that use members of the animal …

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Dutch swear words

How to use swear words like the Dutch The Dutch are famous for their cheese, but amongst expats, they are just as well known for their whine. A common form of whining from our eccentric hosts is “bloody foreigners come and work here, but don’t speak Dutch!”. Actually, I can …

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Boeie! Dutch phrase of the week

The meaning of boeie

The Shallow Man has long recommended that the best way to understand, shock and irritate the Dutch is to actually speak their language. Also for those single expats out there, nothing gets the Dutch females out of their flat shoes, than a few words in Dutch, no matter how badly …

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Learn Dutch! Contact Koentact

Learning Dutch

In previous posts, the Shallow Man has often recommended that expats learn Dutch. I’m well aware of the reasons why people decide not to do so. For example You’re only planning on staying in the Netherlands for a couple of years, after which you’ll return home and have no use …

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Essential Dutch phrases part two

Niet Leuk

The Shallow Man stands accused of being….shallow! In an attempt to explain to my readers the meanings of some often used Dutch phrases, I put together a post on the subject. This led to the following comment from a dissatisfied reader.  “This list is totally rubbish! Essential Dutch phrases and you …

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