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The Shallow Man loves good bars, cafes and restaurants. Read all about lifestyle matters in Amsterdam.

Restaurant of the week Frank’s Smokehouse

chocolate lava cake

My Restaurant of the week Frank’s Smokehouse Disclaimer: If you’re a vegan, look away, as this post contains gratuitous and explicit descriptions of eating meat. I first discovered the food of Frank’s Smokehouse many years ago. An American friend of mine in Amsterdam had a thanksgiving party and served turkey …

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Proof of Life in Noord The Butcher Social Club

The Butcher Social Club Amsterdam North. So near, yet so far away. David Bowie sang ‘is there life on Mars?’. I had similar thoughts about Amsterdam North. In fact, the Shallow Man hadn’t visited that part of the world for some time until on a cold December evening I took …

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Review of Bella Vista Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam

To date Dutch women means standing outside in the cold while they smoke

Bella Vista Amsterdam On a¬†cold and rainy saturday evening, I was looking forward to a sumptuous meal in the warm bosom of one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, Bella Vista. Located in the chic Museum District of Amsterdam, not far from het concertgebouw¬†in Amsterdam oud zuid (old south), …

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Door 74

Door 74 special of the day

The Shallow Man once had a brief and pointless relationship in Amsterdam,¬†with a lady who like the aftermath of eating drop, left a bitter taste in my mouth. In fact, the only good thing I can remember from our brief affair was that she introduced me to a cocktail bar …

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The first Lions and Antelope evening

During my corporate days, one of my first deliverables as a newly appointed manager was to manage the process of letting go a team member that hadn’t been performing to expectations. I’d inherited this delightful task from my predecessor, who had sat down with the team member on a monthly …

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The Shallow Man’s first gay party

Being naturally elegant, and so well dressed that I even take time to choose what I’m going to wear when visiting my local supermarket, the Shallow Man has often been mistaken for being gay. When this occurs, I usually take it as a compliment, due to the reputation gay men …

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Two expat events in one night

The Shallow Man, has lived in Amsterdam far too long to seriously consider himself an expat. I think that after ten years here, I consider myself to be pretty well integrated. I date Dutch girls. If I find a euro coin on the street, it puts me in a fantastic …

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