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Seven Tips for Justin Bieber about life in Amsterdam

A Letter to Justin Bieber Dear Justin, The media is full of stories excitingly reporting that you’re moving to Amsterdam. With this in mind, even though I’m not a fan of your music, which in my opinion is an excellent alternative to laxatives. The Shallow Man has decided to help you by providing seven insider tips, …

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25 Insider Facts about Amsterdam

About Amsterdam, 25 Insider Facts! Recently, while browsing my feed on Stalkbook, a post popped up called 25 INSANE facts about Amsterdam. The information contained therein, was neither INSANE nor particularly accurate. I assume that it was written by excited tourists, after a joint or three in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, which as …

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More Almost Deadly Sins of Cyclists in Amsterdam

After telling his readers about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, the Shallow Man was summoned to meet the Mayor of Amsterdam, who told me, “Shallow Man, if you don’t like the way people cycle in Amsterdam, rot op naar Limburg. The laws of the road don’t apply to …

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The Seven Almost Deadly Sins of Amsterdam Cyclists

Amsterdam Cyclists, the Seven Almost Deadly Sins I’m not a religious man, although I have been known to get down on my hands and knees and thank God for Tinder. I’m certainly a sinner, something that I share with many in Amsterdam, which brings me to the subject of today’s …

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