A Cyclist Has Stopped at a Red Traffic Light in Amsterdam

A major situation is unfolding in the centre of Amsterdam at the moment as much to the shock of innocent bystanders a cyclist has stopped at a red traffic light.

As everyone who lives in Amsterdam knows, red traffic lights, as with pedestrian crossings are only there for car drivers. For cyclists, they are completely optional. They are not meant to impact the flow of cyclists at all, which is why so many people are shocked by the selfish behaviour of a cyclist who actually opted to stop at a red traffic light.

Rob de Boer, who happened to be walking along the pavement when this occurred said:

This is yet another example of tourists and expats ruining Amsterdam for echte Amsterdammers. Due to my healthy diet of Dutch food, I’ve only recently left hospital after a triple heart bypass, otherwise, I’d have run up to her and called her a kutwijf! I don’t know what the world is coming to.”

Anouk van Zeiken, who happened to be cycling some distance behind at the time:

I was just in the middle of sexting with Jeroen, my best friends boyfriend, and we were just getting to the good part (“oooohhh wat ben ik geil”) when the cyclist in front of me hit the brakes, just like that! I said to her “kutwijf kijk uit!!” and you know what she said to me? She said, “the traffic light is red!!” I mean, how dangerous is that???”


Kut expat

Obviously, the cyclist is an expat, but to make matters worse she’s from Germany. I asked her for a comment but she responded “lass mich in ruhe arschlock”. When I told her about the rules for cyclists in Amsterdam she said, “Ich habe es nicht gewusst”./I didn’t know about that.

cyclist stopped at a red light

Kut expat

No cycling sexters were hurt during the writing of this post.