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The Twenty Types of Dating Apps Users in Amsterdam

from caveman to smartphone

Dating Apps Users in Amsterdam the Top 20 Greetings my dear readers, I recently republished a rather controversial guest blog post called, ‘Living in Amsterdam is Killing the Woman in me’. As well as a heated discussion on the Shallow Man Facebook page, it led to this response. The Expat …

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Tinder Dating in the Netherlands a SWOT Analysis

Tinder Dating in Amsterdam a SWOT Analysis In years to come, anthropologists will list the 21st century into categories. BT and AT, which are acronyms for before and after Tinder. Historians will also speak of the Tinder boomers. Babies that were born as a result of¬†Tinder flings. But what was …

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A reader writes, a real-life tinder date

real-life tinder date sweating

A reader writes, a real-life Tinder date The Shallow Man is currently residing in a village in France of 650 people. There is no Internet connectivity to the house where I’m staying, nor cellphone coverage. I appear to be the only person of colour for miles around, I suspect that …

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Tinder and my eight one night stands in a year

Tequila body shots can lead to Tinder one night stands

Tinder and my eight one night stands in a year The Shallow Man originally started writing about the Dutch dating scene, following a number of requests from his fabulous readers. Since then my inbox is often full of some incredible tales about how Tinder is the sure fire way to …

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Tinder some things are better left unsaid

One of the wonderful things about social media and apps such as tinder is that even if you’ve never met the person you happen to be chatting to, it’s possible to build up a rapport. There are plenty of cases of people having so many virtual friends that they barely …

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Tinder Dating Tips, Part One of a Continuing Series

Firstly, a confession. The Shallow Man has been on, and been the cause of several very bad dates. Difficult as it might be for you to believe, even I have made mistakes on the Dutch dating Safari. As a result of this, it has made me even more determined to …

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Tinder profile photos and their hidden meanings

Tinder Profile Photos and their hidden meanings It was the lovely Roxy Scheepbouwer, a young blogger, who is a kind of Anakin to my Obi-Wan Kenobi, that first brought my attention to Tinder. I’m eternally grateful to her for this, I do wonder if I know the creators of tinder, …

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Tales from the Tinder hunting grounds

The shallow man, experienced in the field of dating as he is, has as well as good old fashioned offline dating, tried out the online variety. Recently, it came to my attention, that there is now an entire new form of dating, using a Phone app called Tinder. This works …

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