One of the wonderful things about social media and apps such as tinder is that even if you’ve never met the person you happen to be chatting to, it’s possible to build up a rapport. There are plenty of cases of people having so many virtual friends that they barely have time to leave the house and meet their fellow men or women, so busy are they with Facebook, WhatsApp and of course tinder, which brings me to the subject of today’s post.

Tinder some things are better left unsaid

There are plenty of surveys whose results have shown time and time again, that one of the things women admire most in a man is honesty. In the age of tinder, perhaps too much honesty is not a good thing. The edited dialogue below, which is a transcript of a Tinder conversation, that took place between a Dutch Antelope and Lion, somewhere in the Netherlands, that one of my readers was kind enough to share with me, will show what I mean by this. This complex, deep and meaningful conversation in Dutch has been translated to English personally, by the Shallow Man. False common Dutch names have been used to protect the guilty.

Tinder chat between a Lion and an Antelope

Anouk: Hi

Rob: Hey!

Anouk: So here I am

Rob: So, let me guess, it took you four days to pluck up the courage to contact me

Anouk: Absolutely, your picture was so nice, I thought, how could I possibly start a conversation with such a vision of a man. I spent the last four days getting advice from friends, family, President Obama was in town but was too busy to see me, finally, I called Oprah and she said to just get in touch with you, so here I am.

Rob: LOL! After all that, and four days, you came up with “hi!”

Anouk: I thought it was an original opening line. Don’t blame me, Oprah advised me to say it. It’s taken you nine hours to respond to my incredible “hi”

Rob: Well actually, I spent the last nine hours masturbating to your photo, and finally came in the end.

Anouk: Okay, thanks for sharing that with me, lots of success with that.

By Yakov levi (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks for sharing

No men with greasy palms were hurt during the writing of this post.