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More Almost Deadly Sins of Cyclists in Amsterdam

After telling his readers about the seven almost deadly sins of Amsterdam cyclists, the Shallow Man was summoned to meet the Mayor of Amsterdam, who told me, “Shallow Man, if you don’t like the way people cycle in Amsterdam, rot op naar Limburg. The laws of the road don’t apply to …

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Amsterdam the Most Bike Friendly City in the World

Amsterdam bike friendly city Hello dear reader at the time of writing this post, it’s Monda,y March the 10th and the weather in Amsterdam is beautiful. The sun has been shining now for three days in a row and the effect this has on Amsterdammers is incredible. People who are …

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Snogging Amsterdam style

How to engage in Snogging Amsterdam Style On a Saturday afternoon while walking along the Scheldestraat in Amsterdam South, I witnessed a common act of affection often to be seen in Amsterdam, a couple having a deep and passionate full on snog. I have no problem with snogging, love to snog, …

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