How to engage in Snogging Amsterdam Style

On a Saturday afternoon while walking along the Scheldestraat in Amsterdam South, I witnessed a common act of affection often to be seen in Amsterdam, a couple having a deep and passionate full on snog.

I have no problem with snogging, love to snog, be snogged, and as long as it’s not too early in the day, and I’ve had my breakfast, have no particular issue with people kissing openly. However, what caught my eye in this case was that the couple in question were kissing passionately while on a bike, turning a corner, going through a red light.

Snogging Amsterdam Style

The guy was pedalling, the woman was sat on the handlebars and they were blissfully unaware of the world, traffic and pedestrians as they cycled into the Scheldestraat with their tongues locked. It made me wonder how many children have been conceived in Amsterdam on bikes? Are there bike hotels where you can rent a parking space by the quarter of an hour in case you suddenly get the urge for some unplanned copulation while out cycling?

The Dutch appear to be able to do anything on bikes such as some of the following:

  • Cycling with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other
  • Cycling and texting at the same time
  • Holding hands while cycling
  • Using an IPAD while managing to cycle without falling over

There’s no escaping that the Dutch are the most talented, and astounding cyclists the world has seen, and snogging Amsterdam style, while cycling is just all in a days work for people that will eventually evolve into having two wheels instead of legs. People kissing passionately on bikes is a common sight here, even if it did shock me the first time I witnessed it.

Who says that romance is dead?

A couple happily snogging Amsterdam style on a bike

Snogging Amsterdam Style on a bike