“Shallow Man, my Dutch girlfriend wears jeans 24 hours a day. Even her lingerie is made out of denim, I’m pretty casual myself, but this is driving me crazy. It doesn’t matter if we attend a wedding, funeral, or even dinner at a nice restaurant, she will only wear jeans what should I do?”

Firstly, my heart bleeds in reading about your sad, but a rather common predicament. It sounds as if your girlfriend has an addiction, and the only thing you can do is to wean her off it slowly. Start by surprising her with a pair of trousers made out of satin, cotton, or even leather. At first, she’ll spend time stroking them with a mixture of curiosity, and even fear,  due to her not being used to anything else but jeans.

Take things slowly. Have her stroke them on the first day, then leave them in the bedroom for the next 24 hours. On day three, have her try them on. She might try and fight you, might scream, throw up, or even run out of the room in a panic, but be patient and support her. Don’t give up, keep trying and within a week she should pluck up the courage to try them on, and eventually even wear them outside the apartment.

To wean someone off denim addiction takes a lot of time and patience, but I have faith in you, I know you can do it. Remember that old song, you’ve got a friend.


Best of luck.