The Shallow Man has written plenty of articles about the modern dating scene here in the Netherlands. With the help of my fabulous readers, I’ve been able to boldly go places that I otherwise wouldn’t have been. For example, posts about Tinder, speed dating and being taken out on dates by cheap men,  subjects I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to write about.

Having written so much about dating, including a soon to be published book on the subject, the Shallow Man has decided to put together his own event, which for obvious reasons I’ve decided to call the Lions and Antelope evening. There are simply not enough events where a group of Lions and Antelopes, that have a good sense of humour (naturally as they follow my blog) can get together and have fun with no expectations on either side. The things I do for my readers!

The first ever Lions and Antelope evening

This is not a dating event, it’s the kind of evening that the Shallow Man loves. Great food, good wine, and plenty of fine and interesting Antelopes and Lions to talk to. The motto of the evening is “let chemistry take its course” Of course copies of my new book will also be available to purchase at the event, and if I remain sober enough, I’ll even sign them.

What can I expect?

Over a quality three course meal, an equal number of Lions and Antelope will mingle, socialise and have a bloody good time. The Shallow Man will be your host for the evening and after each course, I will ask you all to change tables, thus ensuring that everyone gets to have a chat with all people present. Gezellig!

Like-minded expats and Dutch Lions and Antelope will share the same watering hole and no one will be eaten.

You can expect groups of people socialising and having a good time. If you’re good I might even read a piece from my new book.

The event will be on February 27th at the stylish and modern La Vina Experience where for only 32.99 you’ll receive a welcome glass of wine and a choice of the tthree-coursemeal below followed by coffee.  Tickets must be purchased in advance from the  Shallow Man Eshop places are limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis. I already have several confirmed bookings and tickets will be on sale for a limited period only so move fast as I will ensure that there will be a balanced number of Antelope and Lions.

Antelope and Lions, socialise!

Antelope and Lions, socialise!

The menu for the Lions and Antelope evening


Calamares a la plancha, lemon


Smoked beef carpaccio, ruccola, pecorino, truffle aioli


Black Angus steak, chili mash, seasonal vegetables and red wine sauce


Catch of the day


Forrest fruit cheesecake


Cheese platter

Buy tickets for the event at the following location.

Dress code

Of course, there will be a dress code. No jeans or brown shoes. I’m told by a fashionable acquaintance that leopard skin prints are in, so they are allowed. 🙂 The event will start at 7.30pm sharp on February 27th, I hope to see you all there.