The Dutch Fashion Police

I’ve long joked that if you had a fashion police in the Netherlands that the prisons would be full. So you can imagine my surprise when I read that the city of Rotterdam is planning to introduce their very own Dutch fashion police. I almost choked on my bitterballen!

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, the Dutch fashion police.

State-sponsored harassment

According to the Chief of Police in Rotterdam, there are hordes of young men running around in expensive clothes. “These “jonge gasten”/young men, act as if they’re untouchable, we’re going to undress them in the street”.  So an elite police unit will receive training on how to spot expensive designer clothes and watches and will then have the power to confiscate these from young men who are unable to explain how they can afford them. Reading between the lines, it’s crystal bloody clear who the “jonge gasten” the Police are referring to, Nieuwe Nederlanders.

Dutch fashion police

Freeze it’s the Dutch fashion police

Dutch fashion police training

Someone was kind enough to send the Shallow Man some slides from the Dutch fashion police training course. 😉

Welcome Slide

Dutch fashion police training


Dutch fashion police training slides

Dutch fashion police training slide






State-sponsored harassment and armed robbery

This ‘initiative’ by the Rotterdam Police is nothing more than state-sponsored harassment and armed robbery. There are plenty of young men running around with fake Louis Vuitton man bags and other counterfeit goods. Yes, on the grounds of good taste, I’m all for the confiscation of man bags, but that aside what this policy actually does is give a green light for the Police to harass young men for nothing more than wearing what appear to be expensive outfits. I own a Rolex watch. If the Police were to ask me for proof of purchase, it would be pretty bloody difficult. I’ve no idea where the receipt is, and I bought it years ago.

Does the Netherlands (or Rotterdam) really want to become a police state? I guess the answer is yes. I’m looking forward to the first court case over this where this practice will be declared illegal.

No men with man bags were hurt during the writing of this post

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