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Dress Like A Dutch Girl 2018 Fashion Tips

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How To Dress Like A Dutch Girl 2018 Fashion Tips

Back in the distant past, in the days when Donald Trump was still just a reality TV star and leopard print hadn’t taken over the wardrobes of Dutch women like bacteria on the fish of an all you can eat sushi place, the Shallow Man provided his readers with essential tips on how to dress like a Dutch girl.

Well, times have moved on and while some elements of the Dutch girl wardrobe remain timeless and will probably never change, I’ve noticed some new additions to the “Doe maar gewoon” wardrobe which I’ll share with you. Follow these tips and you’ll be every bit as stylish as the locals.

The things I do for my readers!

How to dress like a Dutch girl in 2018

As I mentioned above some elements of the Dutch female wardrobe are timeless so in 2018 are still present.

1. White sneakers

White sneakers remain visible all year round in the Netherlands. Lekker comfortabel stylish and unique.

dress like a dutch girl by wearing white sneakers


2. Hairdryerphobia

Sadly, the fear of hairdryers continues. With this in mind always leave home in the morning with your hair as wet as the back of a silverfish. Mooi!

3. The Dutch bun

This hairstyle is said to originate in Groningen, where earthquakes were caused by fracking. Due to the need to be able to leave home in a hurry, women in Groningen developed a hairstyle that’s now commonly known as the Dutch bun. It takes literally a couple of minutes to fling one’s hair into a messy bun thus enabling them to leave home quickly. This hairstyle has caught on nationally and can now be seen all over the country and is lekker trendy! Doe maar!

dress like a dutch girl with the Dutch bun
The messier the better


4. Ripped Jeans

The USA has the right to bear arms, while in the Netherlands the right to bare knees is taken incredibly seriously. The knees might be cold this time of year but the look is hotter than freshly fried kibbeling.

Ripped jeans
The right to bare knees


Dutch food porn kibbeling


5. Dr Martens Boots

Incredibly, there’s now more to the Dutch female wardrobe than just white sneakers, Birkenstocks or Vans. When grunge meets “doe maar gewoon” it’s an incredible thing!



6. Flared pants

Flared pants are so aesthetically impressive that I’m lost for words to describe how much I love seeing them at least 20 times a day in Amsterdam. Make sure to get a pair of these pants if you want to look chic and trendy while ordering an oat milk latte in a trendy Amsterdam cafe.



7. Cowboy boots

Dutch women love their bikes like a cowboy loves his horse, so it’s no surprise that these boots are so splendidly combined with cycling.

No silverfish were hurt during the writing of this post.

Until next time, “blijf met je poten van onze ‘typisch Nederlandse’ cultuur af

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