The Shallow Man was recently approached by an expat lady, who in spite of having lived in Amsterdam for three years, still hadn’t made and Dutch female friends. Upon listening to her sad story it quickly became clear to me that the root of her problem was actually that she was simply too well dressed, and needed to learn how to ‘doe maar normaal’.  So I provided her with advice on how to dress just like a Dutch girl.

The things I do for my readers!

How to dress just like a Dutch girl part 1


The Shallow Man provided detailed advice on not wearing makeup, and the importance of leggings as pants. I also provided the expat lady with some additional fashion advice which can be seen below.

How to dress just like a Dutch girl part 2

I’m pleased to say that since the making of this video, that Stevie Long, the expat lady, can’t cross the street without Dutch women desperate to get to know her and become friends. The advice of the Shallow Man has been a huge success. If you need any advice on expat life in the Netherlands please contact the Shallow Man, and I’ll only be too happy to help.

No hairdressers were hurt during the making of this post.

Till next time, doe maar gewoon!