How to Date a Dutch Man

The expat lady, Stevie Long, having learned how to dress just like a Dutch girl, was so happy with the advice provided by the Shallow Man, that she asked me once more for help. This time in affairs of the heart. She was about to embark on her first ever date with a local, and wanted my advice and tips on how to date a Dutch man.

Intercultural dating with the Dutch can certainly be challenging. So as always I was happy to provide one of my readers with valuable tips on how to adjust to the unique dating style and humor of Dutch men.

The key things to bear in mind as an expat when dating a Dutch man are as follows:

  • Expect to pay your share of the bill
  • Being a gentleman is something that Dutchmen only see on TV, don’t expect your Dutch date to hold doors open for you
  • Compliments are like black men playing Zwarte Piet or Sinterklaas they just don’t happen
  • Red jeans are always in fashion
  • Don’t make jokes about brown shoes as they’re part of the national Dutch male dress code
Learning how to date a Dutch man can be a bit of a shock for expat women

I didn’t realise that a first date with a Dutch man would be like this

Now this video might annoy some, and if as a result, I’m captured by a group of angry Dutch men and am forced to visit a denim store and made to wear bright red jeans as punishment. I’ll accept my fate and will say to my enemies, “red jeans are like sex toys, they should be used only at home.”

The things I do for my readers!

How to date a Dutch man

No civilians were hurt during the making of the above video

Till next time, hou je bek!