Dating Dutch women a survival guide

A wise man, indeed some might even refer to him as a Shallow Man, once said the following. “It’s easier to climb Mount Everest than dating a Dutch woman as an expat.” Dutch women, I love you so much that you’ve driven me to writing poetry.

The hair might be wet worn without a hat
reminding me of the glistening body of a wet rat
denim is perfect for all seasons
you dress to be comfortable being one of the main reasons
you always seem to choose
dull looking clothes and dangerously flat shoes
but hey I’m not being rude just direct
and that Dutch women are beautiful is certainly correct

A Brazilian lion by the name of Gustavo approached the Shallow Man looking for help on dating Dutch women. Like a lot of expat men new to the Netherlands, he has made a number of mistakes when attempting to woo Dutch women.

Brazillian man

How could Dutch women be cruel to this man?

The following video shows some of the common mistakes made by expat men when wooing their Dutch female prey. Learn from the mistakes made by Gustavo, and the Shallow Man guarantees that a pair of female cut jeans will be lying on your bedroom floor quicker than it takes to say “emancipatie”


No submissive men were hurt during the making of this video